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December 9, 2016

More wholly holey moldy old Hasbara, ridiculous Israeli propaganda

From Haaretz

On December 6, the IDF Spokesperson tweeted in English a photo of a map described as “declassified,” showing Hezbollah military positions scattered among Lebanese villages.

Eighty-five villages appear on the pictured map along with thousands of sites tagged as military sites of combat equipment, launch sites, anti-aircraft and infantry positions.

“This is a war crime,” the tweet said. It was retweeted hundreds of times.
read more:

However, under International Law it is legal to defend ones towns and villages.
Laws of War, Art. 25. The attack or bombardment, by whatever means, of towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings which are undefended is prohibited.

When we look at Gaza and the West Bank, it’s obvious they have no defenses against Israeli missiles, bombs, war planes, artillery fired from war ships miles out to sea, fletchettes, white phosphorus (used during daylight hours so not for illumination and in areas where there were no Israeli troops to hide in its smoke, not that anyone would want to hide in its smoke, it can be lethal.

September 19, 2016

Pathetic Israeli bullshite by Moshe Arens

From Haaretz – Opinion: A Future Palestinian State Doesn’t Have to Be ‘Ethnically Cleansed’ of Jews

However, the Palestinians aren’t claiming a future Palestinian state would or should be free of Jews. Abbas, “we would not see the presence of a single Israeli.

It makes perfect sense to demand that foreigners become citizens of Palestine before they can legally settle in the State of Palestine. After all, Israel doesn’t allow non-Israelis to illegally settle in Israel.

Abbas is of course correct. Whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish, citizens of the Occupying Power are prohibited under International Law from illegally settling in territories that power holds under military occupation.

Moshe Arens has taken Netanyahu’s blatantly false claim and run with it as though it has some substance.

Either Arens is so stupid that he’s trying to make a legless strawman walk or perhaps he’s so desperate for material he needs to lie. Perhaps he’s simply another propagandist for the on-going Zionist colonization of Palestine or maybe he’s simply brainwashed

October 11, 2015

Israeli Defense Forces story does not add up again


From Haaretz Oct 11, 2015 7:32 AM

On Saturday, an Iron Dome defense system intercepted a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip toward southern Israel’s Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. In response, the Israel Defense Forces attacked what they said were two Hamas weapons manufacturing sites in north Gaza.

If they knew they were weapons manufacturing sites, why didn’t they attack them BEFORE? Why wait until a rocket is fired?

October 7, 2015

Hadeel al-Hashlamoun – the Israeli Defense Forces story does not add up


On September 22 2015: 18 year old Palestinian Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was shot to death at a Hebron checkpoint by Israeli soldiers.

You decide!

The IDF claim she was coming at them with a knife.
But after having been shot in both legs and falling to the ground,
she somehow miraculously made it back thru the barrier to the opposite side,
where she was again shot some five or six times at close range, in the torso.

In fact, she was laying on the opposite side of the barrier when, while she was still alive, dis-armed and helpless, they dragged her by the feet thru the dirt, under the barricade, to the IDF side.

In this photo, we see the rubbish bin has been moved to the opposite side of the supporting uprights.

Sure we see the alleged knife, however, they’ve already dragged a girl, still alive, under the barricade to the IDF side, then shot her and the evidence has already been tampered with by moving the bin. Why would anyone choose to believe anything they say without their being definitive evidence?

An account by Marcel Leme, International Human Rights Observer

Did they think she was a suicide bomber? Very doubtful. Suicide vests are exploded by the release of the trigger and they had already shot her AND dragged her by the feet through the dirt to the IDF side of the barrier and;
Only a complete moron would shoot a person at close range if they though that person was wearing explosives. Furthermore she was shot in the torso, where the explosives of a suicide belt would be!

It simply does not make sense.

August 15, 2015

Israeli propaganda depends on you not checking!

How many times have you read the Jordanian occupation and annexation of the West Bank was illegal
Or perhaps the Jordanian annexation of the West Bank was illegal, only two countries recognized it
Or perhaps Geneva Convention IV is not applicable to the West Bank/Israeli settlements

Have you ever checked or thought about these notions?

1) Illegal occupation. Israel signed an Armistice Agreement with Jordan. If the Jordanian occupation of the West Bank was illegal, where does that leave Israel’s May 22nd 1948 self admitted occupation of territories “outside the State of Israel”?

2) Illegal annexation. Unlike the unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel, not recognized by anyone, condemned by the UNSC with at least eight reminders affording Israel the opportunity to abide by the binding Law, the UN Charter and relevant conventions re-affirmed and emphasized in those resolutions, Jordan’s bilateral annexation of what became known as the West Bank was by agreement with the occupied.

Although at the time Jordan was not a UN Member state, this was in keeping with the UN Charter on self determination. Furthermore and contrary to the Israeli notion that it was condemned by the Arab states, they in fact demanded of Jordan that the annexation be as a trustee only (Session: 12-II Date: May 1950), again in keeping with the UN Charter Chapt XI as a “sacred trust”

3) Recognition of annexed territories. A) The legality of annexation is not dependent on recognition. It is dependent on self determination per the UN Charter (ibid). B) if we take the Israeli propaganda claiming illegality because only two or three countries recognized the Jordanian annexation, where does it leave the legality of Israel’s unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem, recognized by no one?

The Jordanian annexation was recognized by the US BTW

“…it was not the custom of this country to issue formal statements of recognition every time a foreign country changed its territorial area. The union of Arab Palestine and Jordan had been brought about as a result of the will of the people and the US accepted the fact that Jordanian sovereignty had been extended to the new area. Mr. Iiifai said he had not realized this and that he was very pleased to learn that the US did in fact recognize the union” United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1950. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (1950) Page 921

4) GC IV. Israeli propaganda claims it is not applicable to the West Bank/Israeli settlements because the West Bank was not a High Contracting Power. However, in 1967 the West Bank was under the sovereignty of Jordan, who at the time was a UN Member State and a High Contracting Power.

One only needs to scratch the surface. The Israeli narrative is bullsh*t!

December 10, 2014

The Hasbara is really stupid propaganda. Laws reaffirmed in UN resolutions are binding!


You’ll see it again and again .. UN/UNGA and UNSC Chapt VI resolutions are non binding.

However, the UN Charter itself is binding on ALL Members in its entirety.

That matters be resolved peacefully in accordance with International Law and the UN Charter is binding.

UN Charter chapters re-affirmed and/or emphasized in an UN/UNGA/UNSC resolution are as a matter of course binding! They do not suddenly become non-binding just because they’re in a so called ‘non-binding’ resolution.

Similarly International and Customary International Law is binding. Laws re-affirmed and/or emphasized in an UN/UNGA/UNSC resolution are binding!

Likewise conventions that have been ratified by a majority of the International Comity of Nations automatically pass into Customary International Law and are thereby binding. The majority of Nations have ratified the Geneva Conventions. Geneva conventions re-affirmed and/or emphasized in an UN/UNGA/UNSC resolutions are binding!

December 6, 2014

More stupid Hasbara


Screen shot from Haaretz Dec 6th 2014

fake Iranian patch 01

fake Iranian patch 02

You decide

December 5, 2014

More Stupid Hasbara – Arafat was born in Egypt

“It’s ironic that the man who personified the Palestinian movement was neither born in the region it claims, nor conforms to his own organization’s definition of Palestinian identity”

So what? Like all Hasbara, where Arafat was born is irrelevant to the actual sovereign extent of Israel’s self proclaimed, Internationally recognized boundaries and Israel’s illegal activities as the Occupying Power over non-Israeli territories over the last 66 years. That’s right 66 years! Not since 1967 as often claimed!

Applying the same stupid criteria to Israel, we find that only one of the signatories to Israel’s Declaration of statehood was born in the region

David Ben-Gurion – Płońsk, Poland – Palestine 1906
Rabbi Kalman Kahana – Galicia (Ukraine) – Palestine 1938
Aharon Zisling – Minsk, Belarus – Palestine 1904
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi – Poltava (Ukraine) – Palestine 1907
Saadia Kobashi – Yemen – Palestine 1909
Daniel Auster – Knihinin (Ukraine) – Palestine 1914
Rachel Cohen – Odesa – Palestine 1919
David-Zvi Pinkas – Sopron, Austria/Hungary – Palestine 1925
Mordechai Bentov = Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland – Palestine 1920
Moshe Kol – Pinsk, Belarus – Palestine 1932
Eliyahu Berlignee – Russia – Palestine 1907
Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Levin – Góra Kalwaria, Russia – Palestine 1940
Eliezer Kaplan – Minsk, Russia – Palestine 1920
Peretz Bernstein – Meiningen, Germany – Netherlands til Palestine 1936
Abraham Katznelson – Bobruisk, Belorussia – Palestine 1924
Rabbi Wolf Gold – Stettin, Germany (Poland) – US 1907 – Palestine 1935
Meir David Loewenstein – Copenhagen, Denmark – Palestine 1934
Pinchas Rosen – Berlin, Germany – Palestine 1926
Meir Grabovsky – Rîbniţa, Russia – Palestine 1927
David Remez – Kopys, Belorussia – Palestine 1913
Yitzhak Gruenbaum – Warsaw, Poland – Palestine 1933
Zvi Luria (Lurie) – Lodz, Poland – Palestine 1924
Berl Repetur – Ruzhyn, Ukraine – Palestine 1920
Dr. Abraham Granovsky – Făleşti, Russia – Palestine 1924
Golda Myerson – Kiev, Ukraine – Palestine 1921
Mordekhai Shattner – Chernovitz ? ( Czernowitz ?), Ukraine ? – Palestine unsure (England during WWW2)
Nachum Nir – Warsaw, Poland – Palestine 1925
Ben-Zion Sternberg – Czernowitz, Austria /Hungary – Palestine 1939
Eliyahu Dobkin – Babruysk, Russia – Palestine 1932
Zvi Segal – Lithuania – Palestine unsure
Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit – Tiberias, Ottoman Empire
Meir Wilner-Kovner – Vilnius, Lithuania – Palestine 1938
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Hacohen Fishman – Mărculești, Russia – Palestine 1913
Haim-Moshe Shapira – Grodno, Belarus – Palestine 1925
Zerach Warhaftig – Volkovysk, Russia – Lithuania/Japan/Canada 1941 – Palestine 1947

BTW Very few were possibly subject to the Holocaust

November 10, 2014

The Hasbara – World’s worst propaganda – There was no occupation or illegal settlements before 1967 – Israel vs Palestine


The Hasbara – World’s worst propaganda – There was no occupation or illegal Israeli settlers before 1967?

The following are not an unfounded accusations. The information is not from propaganda sites. They’re the official words of the Provisional Israeli Government 1948 as recorded by the UNSC and the Israeli Government web site and the opinion of the International Court of Justice and the Laws of War and some of the States who recognized Israel. You decide.

Israel’s legal sovereign extent was defined by the Provisional Government of the State of Israel in its plea for recognition and it was immediately recognized as such while at war outside the territory of the State of Israel .. in parts of Palestine outside the territory of the State of Israel [1]

May 15, 1948

Letter From the Agent of the Provisional Government of Israel to the President of the United States, “MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I have the honor to notify you that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law. The Act of Independence will become effective at one minute after six o’clock on the evening of 14 May 1948, Washington time.”

Samples of the recognition of Israel:

USA 15 May 1948 “… as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947…”

Russia 17 May 1948
Letter from Mr. Molotov stated: “Confirming receipt of your telegram of May 16, in which you inform the Government of the USSR of the proclamation, on the basis of the resolution of the United Nations Assembly of November 29, 1947, of the creation in Palestine of the independent State of Israel and make re-quest for the recognition of the State of Israel and its provisional government by the USSR. I inform yon in this letter that the Govern-ment of the USSR has decided to recognize officially the Stale of Israel and its Provisional Government.”

British 27 April 1950
“His Majesty’s Government have also decided to accord de jure recognition to the State of Israel, subject to explanations on two points corresponding to those described above in regard to the case of Jordan. These points are as follows. First, that His Majesty’s Government are unable to recognise the sovereignty of Israel over that part of Jerusalem which she occupies, though, pending a final determination of the status of the area, they recognise that Israel exercises de facto authority in it. Secondly, that His Majesty’s Government cannot regard the present boundaries between Israel, and Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Lebanon as constituting the definitive frontiers of Israel, as these boundaries were laid down in the Armistice Agreements concluded severally between Israel and each of these States, and are subject to any modifications which may be agreed upon under the terms of those Agreements, or of any final settlements which may replace them.” (Thus far nothing has replaced them)

Australia 28 January 1949 “… on the basis of the resolution of the United Nations Assembly of November 29, 1947…”

May 22nd 1948 Israeli Government statement

On May 22, 1948 UNSC S/766 the Provisional Government of Israel answered questions addressed to the “Jewish authorities in Palestine” was transmitted by the acting representative of Israel at the United Nations.

Question (a): Over which areas of Palestine do you actually exercise control at present over the entire area of the Jewish State as defined in the Resolution of the General Assembly of the 29th November, 1947?

"In addition, the Provisional Government exercises control over the city of Jaffa; Northwestern Galilee, including Acre, Zib, Base, and the Jewish settlements up to the Lebanese frontier; a strip of territory alongside the road from Hilda to Jerusalem; almost all of new Jerusalem; and of the Jewish quarter within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. The above areas, outside the territory of the State of Israel, are under the control of the military authorities of the State of Israel, who are strictly adhering to international regulations in this regard. The Southern Negev is uninhabited desert over which no effective authority has ever existed." ... " the Government of the State of Israel operates in parts of Palestine outside the territory of the State of Israel"

“international regulations” at the time say;

Laws and Customs of War on Land (Hague IV); October 18, 1907 Art. 42 SECTION III
"Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised."

Further to which as recently as 2004

9th July 2004 International Court of Justice the Court refers to the provisions of the Hague Regulation of 1907, which have become part of customary law, as well as the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 1949, applicable in those Palestinian territories which before the armed conflict of 1967 lay to the east of the 1949 Armistice demarcation line (or “Green Line”) and were occupied by Israel during that conflict


3 Jun 1948 in the Knesset

Report to the Provisional Government of Israel by Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Ben-Gurion 3 Jun 1948
"The entire expanse of the State of Israel allocated to us under the terms of the UN resolution is in our hands, and we have conquered several important districts outside those boundaries".
"To the greatest possible extent, we will remain constantly on the offensive, which will not be confined to the borders of the Jewish State".

12 Aug 1948

the Provisional Israeli Government proclaimed Jerusalem Declared Israel-Occupied City- by Israeli Government Proclamation 12 Aug 1948

Occupation can actually be dated from May 22nd 1948.

None of these areas have ever been legally annexed to Israel. See HERE for the possible legal repercussions of this situation and HERE for the possible ramifications for Israeli citizens.

HERE for up to date information on all illegal settlements from

ShortLink to this Graphic
territory acquired by war by Israel and never legally annexed.  Israel has illegally acquired about 50% of the Palestinians rightful territories.
BIG detailed Google Earth overlay

Includes the UNGA text.
Load the kmz file into Google Earth
then use the properties in the left hand column
to vary the transparency
Map also available from Wikimedia

July 13, 2014

Israeli propaganda FAIL! Photo fakes July 2014

Who does Israel think it’s fooling with fake photos?
1) The water pipes either side are completely un-damaged. It simply DOES NOT look like a rocket of that diameter has buried the majority of its length in the earth!
It’s OBVIOUSLY fake!
fake Hamas rocket - Hasbara

2) A rocket might have struck this house at some time, but there’s no signs of charring from a grad explosion WHAT SO EVER!!!
Is it a photo of demolition work?

See how Israel’s Magic Sofa Chairs resist the charring and shrapnel you’d expect to see from a rocket explosion large enough to cause this amount of damage!
fake rocket damage 2 - Hasbara

See how Israel’s Magic Sofa Chairs bury themselves under the rubble
fake rocket damage - Hasbara

The amount of damage it seems, was caused by the explosion of two gas cylinders allegedly set off by a grad rocket. Oddly there are no photos of the remnants of the alleged rocket. If it completely disintegrated, one would expect far more damage and a lot of charring.


Compare the kind of destruction wrought on Palestine to that on Israel

gaza destruction 01
gaza destruction 02
islamic university Gaza aug 2104
gaza destruction 05
gaza destruction 06

Destruction in Gaza ———- Destruction in Israel

The Palestinians have no where to flee the war zone, not even the sea. Under the 2005 agreement and the Israeli/Egypt Peace Treaty Israel has had all the crossings closed including those with Egypt. Only an Occupying Power has this right.

In the bigger picture, the Palestinians ask for far less than their LEGAL rights under the Laws and UN Charter which Israel is obliged to follow. Abbas offered in front of the world at the UN to concede 78% of their rightful territory for peace, Meanwhile while Israel offers nothing and makes demands that have absolutely no legal basis what so ever and continues its illegal expansionist policies.

April 8, 2014

Hasbara the world’s worst propaganda. Israel actually refuses Israelis RoR. Think about it

Civilians who have RoR and wish to return to what was “proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947” had at the very least a right to have become full Israeli citizens under the notions of Self Determination Israel had embraced by becoming a UN Member state!

If they fled before Israel proclaimed its borders, they were Palestine refugees. Refugees from Palestine. Under UNGA resolution 181 accepted “as binding” by the Jewish Agency, they had an equal right to be citizens of the Jewish state (Israeli) or; citizens of what remained of Palestine (Palestinians) or; take citizenship in a country other than the country of return, thereby forgoing refugee status.

Refugees who have RoR to become Israeli citizens to Israel as proclaimed and recognized (ibid), are not Palestinian refugees!

Palestinian refugees, citizens of the territory “outside the State of Israel” … “in Palestine” do not have a right of return to Israel. They do however have RoR to Palestinian territories Israel has illegally acquired by war and never legally annexed since proclaiming its sovereign extent and obligations to International Law to the world on May 15th 1948 (ibid).

March 27, 2013

The wholly holey olde Hasbara – Palestine vs Israel the I/P conflict – Israeli propaganda is really weird


The wholly holey olde Hasbara, is really weird

The Israeli narrative goes something like this: “The international court only gave an advisory opinion, not a binding legal decision” Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (Request for advisory opinion)

Quite true and the court’s advisory opinion was that had they been asked to make a legal decision, binding law would not fall in Israel’s favour!

Only an idiot would proudly hold up the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice pointing to the illegality of Israel’s actions… while claiming it as some kind of evidence in one’s favour…




A state which according to the UNSC is in breach of laws, the UN Charter and relative conventions adopted at the end of WWII in large part because of the treatment of Jewish folk under the Nazis is in respect to those laws behaving no better than the Nazis. That some folk seem to be as oblivious as the German population of their state’s crimes, should be ringing alarm bells.




March 23, 2013

Israeli propagandists and the wholly holey moldy olde Hasbara


Dedicated to those Israeli propagandistas who, when asked to provide evidence of their claims, simply can’t … or when they try, they show just the opposite

Waiting for the Israeli propagandist Take the Mandate for Palestine.
The propagandist narrative goes like this. “Under the British Mandate Jews have a right to settle anywhere in Palestine”” the British Mandate still applies”

However the Mandate for Palestine (the correct title), doesn’t say there should be a Jewish ‘state’. Article 7 Jewish immigrants could get “Palestinian” citizenship.

Furthermore, the Israeli Government web page on the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, tells us the Mandate “expired” on the night of May 14th 1948 (ME time)

On the May 15th 1948 the Israeli Government’s request for recognition stated:

“MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I have the honor to notify you that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law. The Act of Independence will become effective at one minute after six o’clock on the evening of 14 May 1948, Washington time.”

A declaration of Independent Statehood as envisaged by UNGA res 181 which is enshrined in the Jewish People’s Council Declaration, could not have come into effect if any of that state’s territories were under the authority of another power. One must be ‘independent’ to declare independence. The British administration of Palestine had to end.

However, by 00:01 May 15th 1948 and before 1 October 1948 Jewish forces were already occupying territory in what remained of Palestine, none of which has ever been legally annexed to Israel. Including Jerusalem.

64 years on Israel is still preventing an Independent Palestinian State

June 19, 2012

The Hasbara = Israeli propaganda. What gives Israel the right to have more defensible borders than its neighbours?


Did you know Israel has never been invaded by any state or non state entity and that no one has ever taken any Israeli territory?
That Israel has illegally acquired by war over 50% of the territory slated for the Arab state, non of which has ever been legally annexed?

Yet how many times have you read Israel’s demand for “defensible borders”?

Question: What gives Israel the right to have more defensible borders than its neighbours?

Israel is a UN Member State.

UN Charter Article 2

The Organization and its Members, in pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles.

1. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members.

It’s really quite simple… Israel has no more right to defensible borders than its neighbours. The phrase does not appear in any International Law, the UN Charter or any convention. It’s Hasbara. Twaddle.

Like the Israeli demand for Palestinian recognition of the Jewish State, Israel’s demand for more secure borders has absolutely no basis in law.

Thx Mike @ occupy911truth

June 10, 2012

The Hasbara – Israeli Propaganda – Distortion 101 or how Hasbara bullsh*te is made


How many times have you read accusations like “Under Jordan’s illegal occupation Jews were prevented access to holy places for 19 years”

Let’s first dispense with the silly “Jordan’s illegal occupation” theory. Under the Israel Jordan Armistice Agreement of 1949, Israel AGREED to Jordan being the Occupying Power over the territories subsequently renamed the West Bank. Jordan agreed to Israel being the Occupying Power over territories under Israeli military control.

Israel Jordan Armistice Agreement of 1949 Article VI

1. It is agreed that the forces of the Hashemite Jordan Kingdom shall replace the forces of Iraq in the sector now held by the latter forces, the intention of the Government of Iraq in this regard having been communicated to the Acting Mediator in the message of 20 March from the Foreign Minister of Iraq authorizing the delegation of the Hashemite Jordan Kingdom to negotiate for the Iraqi forces and stating that those forces would be withdrawn.


Article II
2. It is also recognized that no provision of this Agreement shall in any way prejudice the rights, claims and positions of either Party hereto in the ultimate peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, the provisions of this Agreement being dictated exclusively by military considerations.

Exactly how was it illegal?

The claim it was Jordan prevented Jews access to holy places for 19 years is also a fallacy. They prevented Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs! In fact, under the Armistice Agreement it was prohibited for citizens of either opposing state to cross the Armistice Demarcation lines.

Article IV

3. Rules and regulations of the armed forces of the Parties, which prohibit civilians from crossing the fighting lines or entering the area between the lines, shall remain in effect after the signing of this Agreement with application to the Armistice Demarcation Lines defined in articles V and VI.

It is NORMAL for states to restrict the movements of citizens of respective hostile countries and even their own citizens originally from hostile states, curtailing and/or prohibiting their ability to conduct business, buy land etc. Japanese, Germans, Italians, were interned and/or deported by the UK, USA, Australia, during WWII and their assets were frozen. Unless they have opted to take up citizenship in a country other than that of return, thereby losing their refugee status, it is also normal to release and/or allow their return and to unfreeze their assets .

The Israel’s 1948 Emergency Regulations (Foreign Travel) Ordinance still current, prevents Israeli citizens or residents from entering the territory of any entity deemed to be hostile under Israeli law. The Jordanian controlled West Bank was such a hostile entity from 1948 til 1967. So too was Gaza, under Egyptian control.

From 1948 til 1967, Israeli Emergency Regulations prevented citizens and residents, Jews, Christians and Muslims, from worshiping in territories under the military control of Jordan. Naturally Jordan and Egypt did likewise. It is normal behaviour for hostile states.

So what is the point of this Hasbara morsel? How exactly does it effect the legal status of Israel’s Sovereign extent on which UNSC resolutions are based?

Fact is, it doesn’t. It’s just propaganda. Like the claims made about Mark Twain, it is of perhaps historical interest. It has no legal bearing what so ever.

June 4, 2012

Land for Peace Israeli propaganda – The fallacy of Israel’s Land for Peace rhetoric – Read the Israel / Egypt Peace Agreement


How many times have you heard the phrase “Land For Peace”?
Or perhaps “UNSC Resolution 242 said borders must be negotiated”?

The Israel / Egypt Peace Treaty tells us three major points that contradict Israel’s stupid propaganda.

A) The purpose of UNSC Res 242 was to end hostilities between already existing UN Member states, resulting in peace agreements between those states.

B) Withdrawal by Israel from Egyptian territories was to begin BEFORE peaceful relations were assumed

C) No borders were negotiated. Egypt’s borders were set when it became an independent state, BEFORE Israel was declared.

From the Peace Treaty:

Article II Determination of Final Lines and Zones

1. In order to provide maximum security for both Parties after the final withdrawal, the lines and the Zones delineated on Map 1 are to be established and organized as follows:

until Israeli armed forces complete withdrawal from the current J and M Lines established by the Egyptian-Israeli Agreement of September 1975, hereinafter referred to as the 1975 Agreement, up to the interim withdrawal line, all military arrangements existing under that Agreement will remain in effect, except those military arrangements otherwise provided for in this Appendix.

Within a period of seven days after Israeli armed forces have evacuated any area located in Zone A…..

Within a period of seven days after Israeli armed forces have evacuated any area located in Zones A or B…

The Parties agree to remove all discriminatory barriers to normal economic relations and to terminate economic boycotts of each other upon completion of the interim withdrawal.

As soon as possible, and not later than six months after the completion of the interim withdrawal, the Parties will enter negotiations with a view to concluding an agreement on trade and commerce for the purpose of promoting beneficial economic relations.

1. The Parties agree to establish normal cultural relations following completion of the interim withdrawal.

2. They agree on the desirability of cultural exchanges in all fields, and shall, as soon as possible and not later than six months after completion of the interim withdrawal, enter into negotiations with a view to concluding a cultural agreement for this purpose.

Upon completion of the interim withdrawal, each Party will permit the free movement of the nationals and vehicles of the other into and within its territory ….etc etc

Again, from the Israeli Government:

March 26, 1979
The President,
The White House

Dear Mr. President,

I am pleased to be able to confirm that the Government of Israel is agreeable to the procedure set out in your letter of March 26, 1979, in which you state:

“I have received a letter from President Sadat that, within one month after Israel completes its withdrawal to the interim line in Sinai, as provided for in the Treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel, Egypt will send a resident ambassador to Israel and will receive in Egypt a resident Israeli ambassador.”


Menachem Begin

From the Peace Treaty:

Convinced of the urgent necessity of the establishment of a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East in accordance with Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338;

Israel was left as the Occupying Power over Palestinian territories captured during the ‘recent conflict’ (1967) and; territories occupied by Israel in 1948/49, not recognized as Israeli by any country and never legally annexed to Israel.

May 28, 2012

The Hasbara. World’s worst propaganda – United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 was not binding and is irrelevant because the Arabs rejected it


How many times have you heard “the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 was not binding and is irrelevant because the Arabs rejected it”

Friday, 5 March 1948 Rabbi Silver stated to the UNSC

“Nevertheless, reluctantly but loyally, we accepted the decision which appeared fair and reasonable to the United Nations”

“We feel under the obligation to make our position unmistakably clear. As far as the Jewish people are concerned, they have accepted the decision of the United Nations. We regard it as binding, and we are resolved to move forward in the spirit of that decision. “

Friday, 19 March 1948 Rabbi Silver replacing Mr. Shertok at the Council table as representative of the Jewish Agency for Palestine stated

“We are under the obligation at this time to repeat what we stated at a [262nd meeting] meeting of the Security Council last week: The decision of the General Assembly remains valid for the Jewish people. We have accepted it and we are prepared to abide by it. If the United Nations Palestine Commission is unable to carry out the mandates which were assigned to it by the General Assembly, the Jewish people of Palestine will move forward in the spirit of that resolution and will do everything which is dictated by considerations of national survival and by considerations of justice and historic rights.”

“The setting up of one State was not made conditional upon the setting up of the other State.”

And again:
Security Council S/PV.271 19 March 1948 The representative of the Jewish Agency, Rabbi Silver:

The statement that the plan proposed by the General Assembly is an integral plan which cannot succeed unless each of its parts can be carried out, is incorrect. This conception was never part of the plan. Indeed, it is contrary to the statement made by the representative of the United States during the second session of the General Assembly. The setting up of one State was not made conditional upon the setting up of the other State. Mr. Herschel Johnson, representing the United States delegation, speaking in a sub-committee of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question on 28 October 1947, stated, in discussing this very matter in connexion with economic union: “The element of mutuality would not necessarily be a factor, as the document might be signed by one party only.”

UNGA res 181 is enshrined in the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel

Someone is lying … You decide

May 16, 2012

The Hasbara – Israel vs Palestine – Is the UN really biased against Israel?


How many times have you heard “The UN is biased against Israel” ?

Rather odd if you consider the fact that the UNSC has offered Israel hundreds of opportunities to abide by binding Law, the UN Charter and relative conventions reaffirmed and emphasized in those resolutions. It has been Israel who has refused, preferring instead to increase its illegal fact on the ground!

Is the gas company biased for sending you a reminder when you haven’t paid your original bill? Of course it isn’t. It’s what you agreed to for being hooked up to the grid. Israel agreed to uphold International Law and the UN Charter in order to become a UN Member State.

Just one example of this so called “UN bias” is UNSC Resolution 252 which has EIGHT reminders, which only exist because Israel ignored the first. Are these reminders bias?

252 (1968) of 21 May 1968, 267 (1969) of 3 July 1969, 271 (1969) of 15 September 1969, 298 (1971) of 25 September 1971, 446 (1979) of 22 March 1979, 452 (1979) 20 July 1979, 465 (1980) of 1 March 1980, 476 June 30 1980 and 478 August 20 1980 …. Oh, and Israel’s annexation of the Golan was also condemned by the UNSC Res 497

The next step in the holey olde Hasbara is of course “Ah, but these are Chapter VI resolutions. Chapter VI resolutions are not binding”. Correct. However, the Laws (all law is binding), UN Charter (binding on all members in its entirety) and relevant conventions re-affirmed and emphasized in ANY UN/UNSC resolution, are by their very nature binding!

Article 33
The parties to any dispute, the continuance of which is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security, shall, first of all, seek a solution by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice.
The Security Council shall, when it deems necessary, call upon the parties to settle their dispute by such means.

Does “shall” mean: “may”? “might”? “could”? “would”? “do you want to”? “would you like to”?

The Charter isn’t posing a question like; “Shall we dance?”. Nor are the Chapter VI resolutions, which more often than not “reaffirm” and “emphasize” binding laws and conventions. All law, by it’s very nature, is obligatory and;
All UN Member States are obliged to adhere to the Charter in its entirety.

Far from being biased against Israel, the UN/UNSC has given the Jewish state HUNDREDS of opportunities to meet its legal obligations. Far more than any other country on the planet! Israel’s claims of bias are propaganda nonsense.

May 8, 2012

The Hasbara – World’s worst propaganda – photoshopping the evidence from Mavi Marmara


The Hasbara – World’s worst propaganda – photoshopping the evidence from Mavi Marmara?

Ships are a part of the territory of the state under whose flag they sail.

Basically, if there is a Master at Arms, the Captain must decide if the integrity of territory of the state is under threat, at which point armed resistance is warranted. If there is no Master at Arms on a ship, arms are expressly forbidden. Tools of trade such as knives, blades and equipment for ships maintenance and normal running of a galley are not arms.

You decide

Original from Haaretz

Enlargement of the dagger. Notice the mashed thumb, the gap between the blade and handle and the perspective of the blade, which is not correct for the position of his hand or the handle.

Note the shape of the blade

This pic is gamma corrected (lightened). Notice the shadows

A Jambiya does not have a gap between blade and handle

Here is the guy in question, with his ceremonial dagger

Here is his ceremonial dagger in the pile of ‘weapons’ found by the IDF

The only ‘weapon’ one would not normally find on a ship the size of the Mavi Mamara, is the ceremonial dagger. There are spare handles (shaped) for sledge hammers or fire axes, an assortment of cooking knives and a few pocket knives that every sailor carries. A screw driver? Other pics of weapons show iron bars etc. In fact, nothing unusual for an engineers’ workshop on a ship the size of the Mavi Mamara.

Notice the shape of the blade. Note especially – THERE IS NO GAP between blade and handle

He’s sitting. Why would and how could anyone attack the IDF while sitting? And why wasn’t he shot if he was attacking the IDF? And why are people standing in the background smiling, clapping?

The raid took place in the early morning at 4:30 IST.
this photo was taken during the day
This photo was taken during the day

Thanks to Denis O’Brien at _logo_phere


Also see an analysis of the alleged Mavi Marmara broadcasts

April 29, 2012

The Hasbara – The world’s most stupid propaganda – Israeli Palestine peace agreement and Palestinian Right of Return.


Israel says there must be a peace agreement with Palestine before there can be consideration given to any RoR.

Think about ….

Under the most basic Right of Return required of any state, a) the country of return has right of final veto on individuals and; b) those accepted are all required to agree to live in peace. They would then become; c) Israeli citizens! d) They would not be citizens of the Palestine with whom Israel has the peace agreement!

Furthermore, it is an individual right to decide to return or accept compensation. The PA/PLO/an Independent State of Palestine can only legally argue that RoR be respected on behalf of the individuals concerned. Any agreement curtailing those rights could set a ghastly precedent which could effect all RoR for all refugees and the right to self determination.

BTW This is the definition of a refugee used in UNGA Res 194. Interesting reading! It included Jewish refugees at the time.

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