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November 8, 2012

Israel vs Palestine “there was never a state called Palestine” It’s just more stupid Israeli propaganda


How many times have you heard “Was there ever a state called Palestine?”? Or “there were never a Palestinian people”?

Think about it. Prior to Israel being declared a state, there was never a State of Israel either. There was once a kingdom. However, for a far longer period of Jewish history in the region, from the Roman era until May 15th 1948, Jews lived there as Palestinians.

Like the holey olde Hasbara mantra “we made the deserts bloom” and what has been carefully cherry picked from Mark Twain, whether there was or was not a Palestinian State or people, is completely irrelevant to the legal extent of Israel’s Internationally recognized sovereignty and Israel’s obligations under the UN Charter, Chapt XI.

Like all the Hasbara attempts to justify the usurping of the Palestinians from their rightful territory, these mantras are simply bullsh*te

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