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March 5, 2015

Netanyahu speaks to the US congress 2015 or Fellating the donkey for Israel

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lipstick in the US congress


December 6, 2014

More stupid Hasbara


Screen shot from Haaretz Dec 6th 2014

fake Iranian patch 01

fake Iranian patch 02

You decide

December 18, 2010

A semi-literate Brian Whitaker writing for the Guardian?

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Literacy skills are a pre-requisite for journalism. At the very least an ability to apply the very basic English rules of grammar to the English language.

Brian Whitaker

It is now more than three years since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his famous claim during a visit to New York: “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like you do in your country. This does not exist in our country.”

His words caused laughter among the audience at Columbia University…

Perhaps it was a sudden plague of deafness amongst the audience or their Manglish, caused the laughter.

Much the same is demonstrated by Snr Whitaker’s A) reiterating verbatim what was conveyed by by one Dr.Banafsheh Keynoush whose translation skills are impeccable “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like you do in your country. This does not exist in our country.”

B) then his failure to understand what was said and instead and interpreting it thus “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like you do in your country. They do not exist in our country.”

Does a person mean ‘they’ when they say ‘this’? In the USA there is open homosexuality, this phenomenon does not exist in Iran.

Whitaker then goes on about Iran’s laws against homosexual behaviour. Put simply, one doesn’t have road rules if there are no roads.

December 30, 2009

The War Against Iran. Western ‘intelligence’ sources say Iran, smuggling, purified uranium & reporters who’re stupid? Or are they hoping YOU are?

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They’re at it again. Trying to scare you. But who should you be afraid of?

Haaretz 29/12/2009 Report: Iran seeking to smuggle purified uranium

usatoday 2009-12-29 .. intelligence report that says Iran is trying to import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan in violation of U.N. Security Council sanctions

Meanwhile….. MONTHS AGOApril 9 2009 The World Affairs Blog Net //The Iranian and Kazakh presidents met Monday in the Kazakh capital of Astana and signed a series of mutually beneficial deals that will also pay dividends to other countries. President Nazarbayev said he supports Iran’s right to have nuclear energy but believed it should be developed in a transparent way so as to not worry the rest of the world. He pushed for the creation of a nuclear fuel bank from which Iran could procure uranium and have safe nuclear power. President Ahmadinejad defended his country’s right to enrich uranium while praising his counterpart’s plan//

MONTHS AGO Apr 6, 2009 //”If such a nuclear fuel bank were to be created, Kazakhstan would be ready to consider hosting it on its territory as a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation agreement and as a country that voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons,” he said.

The idea, supported by U.S. President Barack Obama, rests on the creation of a global repository that would allow countries to tap into its reserves to fuel their nuclear plants without having to develop their own nuclear enrichment capability.//

If an olde schmuck like me can find evidence to refute their idiotic claims in less than 5 minutes, how STUPID are these scaremongering propagandists? Are they complete cretins?

Of course the answer is no. They’re propagandists. They don’t care as long as they scare enough people into believing the sh*te they puke out day after day. They don’t care, as long as people who don’t bother to double check, believe them.

They want people to be scared. They want YOU to be scared. Will they retract their idiotic accusations? No. That would defeat their purpose.

What is the reason for their deceptive, fraudulent activity? Why would they be PAID, that’s right folks, reporters are paid, to spout complete bullsh*te in order to scare YOU? Why would they want to scare YOU?

Remember Iraq and the WarMongers who infested the Whitehouse for 8 years? More importantly the fools who believed them!!!

Furthermore how many of the so called ‘news’ sites and blogs will retract this storie? Do they care? Probably not. They’ll just move it off the front page.

As long as the stinking, diseased ridden corpse has been thrown over the wall is left, it will continue to contaminate as many un-suspecting people as possible. It’s fleas jumping from news service to news service, blog to blog, tawk bored to tawk bored.

‘purified’ uranium? It will be as ‘pure’ as Gaza’s water at the moment.

December 15, 2009

The Fallacy Factory hard at work. Iran’s secret nuclear trigger. “..the only possible use … the trigger to the chain reaction for a nuclear explosion”

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Shortlink (revisions 15th Dec / 22nd Dec 2009 – additional material)

22nd Dec 2009 Haaretz – Suddenly, after having been through the Ziofier, the document says ‘initiator‘….wonders will never cease …

“..the only possible use for UD3 is as a neutron source, the trigger to the chain reaction for a nuclear explosion” So says the TimesOnLine expert. None other than one David Albright. Oh ………. again! What a busy chap.

“Although Iran might claim that this work is for civil purposes, there is no civil application,” David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, told The Times of London, adding that the document was “a very strong indicator of weapons work.”

Goodness me. Sounds ominous. Until of course one has a look around for applications for the technology, something the scare mongers seems loath to do. Check.

For example, to run D2 as a gas, D2O can first be reduced to D2 in a furnace then stored as UD3 and released by controlled heating. So UD3 can be used to store and produce D2 gas. UD3 can be used as a part of other processes.

Let’s try it again…There is no other UD3 application and add ‘yet’ based on Canadian experiments with UD3.

Canada is producing a bomb!!!! Run for your lives… Right? Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment; “The UD3 was formed by reaction of commercial Dz with uranium metal turnings” Well, no. Actually they’re just looking at enhancing the rates of exchange. Why?

National Research Council of Canada “The hydroxide ion-catalyzed reaction between D2 and H,O is too slow to be of commercial value in an industrial process for the production of heavy water from a hydrogen or water source…”

Let’s look at the translation of the ‘alleged’ incriminating document for some alleged incriminating evidence. I say ‘alleged’ document, remembering of course the Niger Yellow Cake fiasco in the lead up to the war on Iraq.

“1-2 Designing and performing experiments to detect pulsed neutrons obtained from pulse sources, for example, from NG (neutron generator) and PF (plasma focus) pulsed sources”

OK! So what is a Neutron Generator and what are Plasma Focus pulsed sources. Let’s try Neutron Generator. (skip Wiki) Go to the second result. Berkley Laboratory USA. Should be a non-biased, informative source.

“Recently Ka-Ngo Leung and his colleagues in Berkeley Lab’s Accelerator and Fusion Research Division (AFRD) have devised a series of neutron generators small enough to descend into a borehole, provide neutrons for brain-cancer therapy, peer inside airport luggage, or perch on a laboratory bench.”

“To get sufficient flux for BNCT, Leung says, “we needed D-T reactions, which are more efficient in neutron production than D-D. But the great majority of research programs and applications want much lower energies — so-called ‘thermal’ neutrons that are easily produced by D-D. One advantage is that deuterium is stable.”

Other applications and research programs require higher reactions. Perhaps at the levels UD3 gives. See Canadian experiments.

What else does the alleged ‘incriminating’ ‘document’ have to say.

” It is possible, by protecting our capability regarding PFs at Shaheed Beheshti University, to produce more samples by mutual co-operation, then present these samples to other research centres for marketing purposes.”

Plasma Focus for ‘marketing purposes’. For oil-well logging, radiography, brachytherapy, cargo and luggage screening? Or they’re gonna sell what must be a top secret nuclear trigger to various University research facilities. Right?

“2-2 Designing and building suitable mobile laboratories
2-3 Setting up the reactor again that produces the materials and placing it in the Glove Box
2-4 Installing and setting up the equipment required to produce source materials in the mobile laboratories”

Mobile laboratories, with a bench perhaps. Oil wells, border crossings, airports, hospitals, geological surveys? Or these mobile laboratories are all gonna have a nuclear trigger? Right?

Somehow I doubt it. The document, if real, seems to point to similar experiments by the National Research Council of Canada. If they are applying nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, they’ll be conducting experiments just as the National Research Council of Canada have.

Finally from another of the ‘incriminating’ TimesOnLine articles “They want to test the match without burning it,” a Western intelligence source said.

Ah, the infamous un-named, un-verifiable ‘a Western intelligence source’…. busy chap.

“Then they can take it to the Supreme Leader and say, ‘We know it all works now.’ Then he has everything he needs for the moment, if it comes, that he gives the order to build a bomb.”

Speculation, adulterated with ‘if’.

“That order, according to the source, does not appear to have been made, and there is no evidence that it will. But even without it Iran is edging closer to nuclear latency — the immediate potential to assemble a bomb — effectively giving it a nuclear deterrent.”

‘if’…’does not appear to have been made’…’no evidence that it will’.…amazing stuff.

“The last ingredient Iran requires is enough fissile material to arm a weapon. Estimates vary, but at present Iran’s known stockpile of low-enriched uranium is only just enough to arm one warhead — if that material were enriched further to weapons-grade. That stockpile of low-enriched uranium is under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supervision at Iran’s enrichment plant at Natanz.”

More ‘if’s..and ‘under IAEA supervision’.…and in the end, IF all the ifs and other vague non evidenced speculations come to pass, they’ll have a ‘nuclear deterrent’. One bomb. WOW!!!

The Ziofier does an amazing job

- See more at:

Your brain on Zionism – Katie Miranda is an illustrator, jewelry designer, and cartoonist living in Portland, OR.
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September 27, 2009

Propaganda, deception and blatant lies, from Israel, UK to the olde USA. ‘Journalism’ at it’s worst

First some background:

On Monday 21st September 2009, almost a year before required under the NPT agreement, Iran declares another small nuclear enrichment facility

General provisions Article 42 Pursuant to Article 8
design information in respect of existing facilities shall be provided to the Agency during the discussion of the Subsidiary Arrangements. The time limits for the provision of design information in respect of the new facilities shall be specified in the Subsidiary Arrangements and such information shall be provided as early as possible before nuclear material is introduced into a new facility.

This is precisely what Iran has just done.

IAEA’s Spokesman Marc Vidricaire:
said Friday, “I can confirm that on 21 September, Iran informed the IAEA in a letter that a new pilot fuel enrichment plant is under construction in the country.” In line with its guarantee to the IAEA for clarity on its nuclear activities, Iran informed the UN nuclear watchdog on 21 September that it is constructing a second plant for uranium enrichment.

Iran is willing to have its nuclear experts meet with scientists from the United States and other world powers as a confidence-building measure aimed at resolving concerns about Tehran’s nuclear program, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday.

Mohamed ElBaradei:
“They are not Fanatics” The director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency on what it’s like to negotiate with the Iranians. “They are not like the stereotyped fanatics bent on destroying everybody around them. They are not.”
Q) You focus on actual nuclear material. But the Americans have supplied the IAEA with the documents in question. The Iranians insist they are fake and refuse to talk about them. A) “A lot is in documents which we cannot share with the Iranians because of the need to protect sources and methods. Iran says, how can I tell you if it is fake or authentic if I am not getting a copy? So in many ways it’s like a merry-go-round.”

Any one with an internet connection CAN SEE IT on Google Earth
This is where we’re told it is Under a small hill.
But maybe it’s HERE Near an airstrip and maybe preparations for workers quarters
Or over HERE Also near the airstrip and possible preparations for workers quarters.

The first looks like a quarry. Nothing nearby. Under a small hill. Powell puke?

See how they deceive
A paragraph precedes the “quoted text” to give an impression, using words that are not actually in the “quoted text”
‘revealed’ ‘declared’ magically becomes ‘secret’ ‘clandestine’ ‘hidden’.

Deceptions bolded Comments green

TimesOnline Deception : West demands access to Iran’s secret underground nuclear site ‘declared’ as per the NPT agreement, becomes ‘secret’

President Obama, flanked by Gordon Brown and President Sarkozy of France at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, called the hidden facility a direct challenge to international nuclear non-proliferation rules and demanded that Iran act immediately by agreeing to full international inspections of its nuclear facilities. ‘declared’ as per the NPT agreement, becomes ‘hidden’

Guardian Deception :Ian Black (Journalist)
Q&A: Iran’s secret nuclear plant Preempts ‘declared’ as per the NPT agreement, becomes ‘secret’ Ian Black has created a first impression before giving the answers

Q) What does the news of Iran’s secret nuclear plant mean?
A) It shows Iran has not been telling the truth about its nuclear activities. Under the NPT agreement, Iran is not required to declare facility until just prior to the introduction of nuclear materials. It has just COMPLIED!

Q) Why has it emerged now?
A) On the part of the US and its allies the revelation is exquisitely timed to coincide with today’s G20 summit..It was declared as per the NTP agreement on the 21st September It seems unlikely that a revelation of such importance would have been made without rigorous checking of sources. Like the IAEA 21st September US officials have been quoted as saying the plant is not completed but is designed to hold about 3,000 centrifuges, enough to manufacture about one bomb’s worth of material a year. The assertion, by the author, is NOT “quoted”

Q) How will this information have been obtained?
A) Intelligence on Iran is a top priority for the US, Britain and other western governments, and for Israel, which calls Iran’s nuclear ambitions an existential threat. Israeli claims have in the past been treated with scepticism, so any information it acquired would have to be corroborated. It is known that two years ago the US managed to penetrate Iranian computer systems. There is a broad consensus that Iran does intend to acquire at least the “breakout” capability to build a weapon. The existence of Natanz was a secret until it was revealed by an exiled Iranian opposition group in 2002. A) It was obtained from the IAEA after it was DECLARED to the IAEA on Monday 21st September. B) Natanz was also declared according to the requirements of the IAEA NPT agreement

Haaretz Deception : Barak Ravid (Journalist)
The prime minister’s message, which he made in telephone conversations, came a day after evidence of a clandestine Iranian nuclear facility was presented by U.S. President Barack Obama and the leaders of Britain and France at the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh. …… Evidence of the clandestine facility was unveiled Friday by Obama and the leaders of Britain and France at the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh, where it overshadowed developments on regulating financial markets and reducing fossil fuel subsidies. ‘declared’ becomes ‘clandestine’. It was declared on the Monday before Obama made the announcement

Haaretz Deception : Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman
said on Saturday that the newly exposed nuclear facility in Iran was built for military purposes and was proof that the Islamic Republic is seeking atomic weapons. “I spoke this weekend with experts from the East and West,” Lieberman told Israel Radio. “No one has any doubt, according to the technical data that was published, it’s a military core. The disagreement has been done away with.” ‘declared’ becomes ‘clandestine’ ‘according to the technical data ‘that was published’, refinement is within the guidelines of the NPT agreement’

Haaretz Deception : Natasha Mozgovaya (Journalist)
Medvedev said revelations that Iran has secretly been building a uranium-enrichment plant raised serious concerns, and demanded Tehran come to the table at an international meeting next week with a cooperative attitude and evidence of peaceful intentions. preempts what is said with un-quoted misdirection ‘revealed’ becomes ‘un-declared’ even though it has just been ‘revealed’ as required, (aka ‘declared’). “We are counting on Iran – particularly in light of the newly revealed information about the construction of a new enrichment plant – to provide convincing evidence of its intention to seek to develop nuclear energy with purely peaceful aims,” Medvedev said in the statement.

Medvedev said the undeclared construction of an enrichment facility flies in the face of UN Security Council demands for Iran to stop uranium enrichment at its only declared enrichment facility. He suggested the UN nuclear agency should take steps immediately to investigate the second site and called for Iran’s full cooperation with the probe. preempts what is said with un-quoted misdirection “The revelation about the construction of a second facility only strengthens our determination to achieve concrete and verifiable results in the years-long international efforts for clarity on Iran’s nuclear program and its goals,” Medvedev said.

China responded to news of the secret neactor(sic) by saying that they hope Iran “will cooperate with the IAEA on this matter.” ‘declared’ becomes ‘secret’

J Post Deception : The American Jewish Committee executive director David Harris
said in a statement. “The discovery of this second facility fits perfectly into the web of deceit which Iran has woven around its nuclear program. Let’s recall that the regime also tried to conceal the Natanz facility from the outside world. We are compelled to ask: What else are they hiding?” Natanz was declared BEFORE nuclear materials were introduced, in accordance with the NPT guidelines

And so it goes, over and over and over. They’re either oblivious, naive, ignorant, stupid or just incredibly bad writers. However, if they’re professional journalists, I every much doubt it, because they’re the very things journalists are taught to AVOID!

Which leaves very few options as to why they’d willing propagate such transparent bullshite. Coerced? Compromised? Getting kickbacks? Or perhaps they’re just blatant liars?

September 26, 2009

FREE DownLoad IAEA IRAN Non Proliferation Treaty Agreement. You too can be informed!

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HeRe or HEre or hERE or HERe or HERE



You can remain completely ignorant
and the propagandistas will love you
they will feed you shite and you won’t even know!

General provisions Article 42 Pursuant to Article 8
design information in respect of existing facilities shall be provided to the Agency during the discussion of the Subsidiary Arrangements. The time limits for the provision of design information in respect of the new facilities shall be specified in the Subsidiary Arrangements and such information shall be provided as early as possible before nuclear material is introduced into a new facility.

This is precisely what Iran has just done. Almost a year before required.

Further INFORMED and FACTUAL reading at Scott Ritter’s article on CiF

September 25, 2009

World leaders brains zapped by Ziofier – Obama, Sarkozy, Brown issue ultimatum over second Iran uranium plant

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The headline should read
“Iran has just complied with their agreement under the NPT.
World leaders go nuts!”

I do not believe world leaders can be so ignorant of the actual requirements under the Iranian/IAEA Non Proliferation Agreement. It is available to anyone with an internet connection.

Could it be that Obama’s brains have been ziofied over the last few days or is he and the other world leaders trying to pacify the little red heifer in the Middle East by spouting off, in order that the china shop isn’t un-necessarilly trashed?

The way I read it is that treaty signatories are allowed their privacy. In fact, under the NPT, the IAEA is required to protect information that doesn’t breech the guidelines of the NPT. It’s quite obvious Iran is complying before they are required to in order to clarify the situation BEFORE they’re required to. The same scenario was played out when the first ‘secret’ facility was ‘revealed’ by Iranian expats.

General provisions Article 42 Pursuant to Article 8, design information in respect of existing facilities shall be provided to the Agency during the discussion of the Subsidiary Arrangements. The time limits for the provision of design information in respect of the new facilities shall be specified in the Subsidiary Arrangements and such information shall be provided as early as possible before nuclear material is introduced into a new facility.
Article 43
The design information to be provided to the Agency shall include, in respect of each facility, when applicable:
(a) The identification of the facility, stating its general character, purpose, nominal capacity and geographic location, and the name and address to be used for routine business purposes;
(b) A description of the general arrangement of the facility with reference, to the extent feasible, to the form, location and flow of nuclear material and to the general layout of important items of equipment which use, produce or process nuclear material;
(c) A description of features of the facility relating to material accountancy, containment and surveillance; and
(d) A description of the existing and proposed procedures at the facility for nuclear material accountancy and control, with special reference to material balance areas established by the operator, measurements of flow and procedures for physical inventory taking.

Let the mis-information campaign begin…..

From Haaretz : Obama, Sarkozy, Brown issue ultimatum over second Iran uranium plant

Using harsh diplomatic language, the leaders of the United States, Britain and France issued a strongly worded joint condemnation Friday over the existence of a second Iran uranium enrichment plant, revealed earlier this week by Tehran.

Speaking first, U.S. President Barack Obama said that the three nations had presented the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, with detailed information regarding the second Iranian plant. “Iran has been building a covert uranium enrichment facility… for several years,” Obama said. “We expect the IAEA to immediately investigate this disturbing information.”

“Iran’s decision to build the nuclear plant underscores its unwillingness to meet international obligations and represents a direct challenge to the basic contract at the center of the non-proliferation agreement,” he went on. “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow.”

Well, no. This is Iran COMPLYING with their agreement as per the rules only signatories to the NTP’s must follow. Israel is not required to follow these rules, Pakistan and India are exempt.

“Everything must be put on the table now,” Sarkozy said. “Iran is taking the international community on a dangerous path and we cannot let the Iranian leaders gain time while the [centrifuge] motors are running.”

Er….they just did, as required.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, meanwhile, mentioned an October deadline for Iranian cooperation, and warned of the dangers of the regime’s program. “Iran’s nuclear program is the most urgent proliferation challenge the world faces today,” Brown said. “The level of deception by the Iranian goverment… will shock and anger the whole international community, and harden our resolve.”

Er…they just weren’t deceptive. They just COMPLIED, as per the rules.

IAEA spokesman Marc Vidricaire confirmed receipt of the letter, saying the agency was informed that a new pilot fuel enrichment plant is under construction. The letter said that the plant would not enrich uranium beyond the 5 percent level suitable for civilian energy production. That would be substantially below the threshold of 90 percent or more needed for a weapon.

Iran told the agency that no nuclear material has been introduced into the facility, he said. In response, the IAEA has requested Iran to provide specific information and access to the facility as soon as possible.

Meanwhile…. from Time
The headline smugly claims
Ahmadinejad Stung By Obama’s Nuke Revelation
and then promptly falls flat on it’s face.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned President Barack Obama against pressing Tehran about new revelations that Iran has been constructing a secret uranium-enrichment plant. “If I were Obama’s adviser, I would definitely advise him to refrain making this statement because it is definitely a mistake,” Ahmadinejad told TIME in New York on Friday. “It would definitively be a mistake.” His comment came as President Obama, speaking at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, made a dramatic announcement that Iran has been constructing a second uranium-enrichment facility whose existence had been kept secret in violation of the non-proliferation agreements to which Tehran is a signatory.

Obviously Massimo Calabresi and Bobby Ghosh don’t have an internet connection

But in an exclusive interview with the editors of TIME that coincided with Obama’s announcement, Ahmadinejad insisted Iran was not keeping anything from the IAEA. “We have no secrecy, we work within the framework of the IAEA,” he said. Still, the Iranian leader seemed nonplussed by the news that Obama was revealing the Qom plant’s existence. Ahmadinejad’s response meandered from the defensive to the aggressive. “This does not mean we must inform Mr. Obama’s administration of every facility that we have,” he said, warning that if Obama brings up the uranium facility, it “simply adds to the list of issues to which the United States owes the Iranian nation an apology over.”

Anyone with an internet connection can find out MORE about the Iranian Nuclear industry that any other country in the world, yet we’re supposed to believe the feigned tosh, dished out by world leaders, in order to placate one small state in the Middle East. Itself a non-signatory to the NPT’s. A state with 223 UNSC resolutions against it. A state that has for 62 years defied the International community. A state whose leader has the audacity to get up in front of the world at the UN and beat Colin Powell’s record for telling absolute bullshite!

September 24, 2009

Ahmadinejad’s Speech at the UN General Assembly 23rd September 2009 – full text

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The propose speech HERE for comparison
It has been hard to find a complete transcript of the actual speech at this point in time. Almost like it’s been
‘wiped off the map’!
So I’ve transcribed it word for word.
The teal section was taken from here
The remainder is from from here
Translation by
Dr.Banafsheh Keynoush
Dr.Banafsheh Keynoush
(LinkTo Here)

My comments in green

Ahmadinejad’s Speech at the UN General Assembly 23rd September 2009 – full text

In the name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful All praise Be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe and peace and blessing be upon our Master and prophet Mohammad and his pure household and his noble Companions. Oh, god, hasten the arrival of Imam Al- Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness.

see below for his expansion of what is meant by ‘the arrival of Imam Al- Mahdi’

President, dear Colleagues, Ladies and gentlemen, I thank the Almighty God for granting me once again, the opportunity to address this important International forum. I wish at the outset, to begin by congratulating you for having assumed the presidency of the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly and wish every the success for your efforts. I also extend my thanks to His Excellency Mr. Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, President of the 63rd Session of the General Assembly, for his excellent stewardship of the work of the General Assembly during his term.

Dear Colleagues, over the past four years I have spoken about the main challenges facing our world. I have discussed the roots and underlying causes of these challenges and the need for world powers to review their outlook and workout new mechanisms to address the pressing International problems before us. I have talked about the two conflicting outlooks prevailing in our world, one that is based on the predominance of its materialistic interests, through spreading inequality and oppression, poverty and deprivation, aggression, occupation and deception and tends to bring the entire world under its control and impose its will on other nations. This outlook has produced nothing but frustration, disappointment and a dark future for the entire humanity.

The other outlook is the one that spouses with the belief in the oneness of the Almighty God, follows the teaching of His messengers, respects human dignity and seeks to build a secure world for all members of the human community, in which everybody can equally enjoy the blessings of sustainable peace and spirituality. This latter is an outlook that respects all human beings, nations, and valuable cultures in defiance of all types of discrimination in the world and commits itself into a constant fight to promote equality for all before the law on the basis of justice and fraternity, laying a solid foundation to guarantee equal access for all human beings in their quest to excel in knowledge and in science. I have laid emphasis time and again on the need to make fundamental changes in the current outlook towards the world and the human being in order to be able to create a brighter tomorrow.

Friends and Colleagues. Today, I wish to share with you a few points about the changes that should take place.

First. Clearly, the continuation of the current circumstances in the world is impossible. The current inequitable and unfavorable conditions run counter to the very nature of human kind and move in a direction which contravenes the truth and the goal behind the creation of the world. It is no longer possible to inject thousands of billions of dollars of unreal wealth to the world economy, simply by printing worthless paper assets, or transferring inflation as well as social and economic problems to others through creating severe budget deficits. The engine of unbridled capitalism with its unfair system of thought has reached the end of road and is unable to move. The era of capitalist thinking and the imposition of one’s thoughts on the international community, intended to predominate the world in the name of globalization and the age of setting up empires is over. It is no longer possible to humiliate nations and impose double standard policies on the world community.

It is necessary to de-legitimize and reject any approach which give the realization of the interests of certain powers as the only measurement of democracy and uses despicable forces of intimidation and deceit under the mantle of freedom or democratic practice and approaches that allow dictators to be portrayed as democrats lack legitimacy and should be rejected. The time has come to an end for those who define democracy and freedom and set standards while they themselves are the first who violate its fundamental principles. They can no longer be both in fact the judge and the executor and (they?) challenge the real democratically established governments. So I would like to say again, the time has come for a group of people who believe that they alone can define concepts such as democracy and freedom and hold up the criteria for these definitions while simultaneously violating the very principles to which they aspire. Governments can continue which are based on the rule of people.

The awakening of nations and the expansion of freedom worldwide will no longer allow others to continue their hypocrisy and vicious attitudes. Because of these reasons, most nations including the people of the Untied States, are waiting for real and profound changes. They have welcomed and will continue to welcome changes.

How can one imagine that the inhuman policies in Palestine may continue to force the entire population of a country out of their homeland for more than 60 years by resorting to force and coercion. To attack them with all types of arms and at times even prohibited weapons. To deny them of their legitimate right of self-defense, while much to the surprise of the international community calling the occupiers peace lovers and portraying the victims as terrorists. How can the crimes of the occupiers against defenseless women and children and destruction of their homes, farms, hospitals and schools be supported unconditionally by certain governments and at the same time, the oppressed men and women be subject to the heaviest economic blockade which denies their basic needs, food, water and medicine and leads to genocide. They are not allowed to rebuild their homes even which were destroyed during the 22-day barbaric attacks by the Zionist regime, as winter was approaching. Whereas the aggressors and their supporters deceitfully continue their rhetoric in defense of human rights, in order to put others under pressure.

It is un-acceptable that a small minority should dominate the politics, economy and culture of vast parts of the world a complicated complicated network and establish a new form of slavery and harm the reputation of other nations, even European nations and the United States to attain its racist ambitions.

It is not acceptable that some who are several thousands of kilometers away from the Middle East would send their troops for military intervention and for spreading war, bloodshed, aggression, terror and intimidation in the Middle East, in our region, while blaming the protests of nations in the region, that are concerned about their fate and their national security, as a move against peace and as interference in others’ affairs.

Such perspectives are baffling, look at the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is no longer possible to bring a country under military occupation in the name of fight against terrorism or drug trafficking while the production of illicit drugs has multiplied, terrorism has widened its dimensions and has tightened its grips. Thousands of innocent people have been killed, injured or displaced, infrastructures have been destroyed and regional security has been seriously jeopardized and those who have created the current disastrous situation continue to blame others.

How you can speak of friendship and solidarity with other nations while you expand your military bases in different parts of the world including in Latin America. This situation cannot continue. It is all the more impossible to advance expansionist and inhuman policies on the basis of a militaristic logic. The logic of coercion and intimidation will produce dire consequences, exacerbating the present global problems.

It is not acceptable that the military budget of some governments exceeds far larger (than) those of the entire countries of the world. There are those who export billions of dollars of arms annually, stockpile chemical and biological weapons, as well as nuclear Weapons. Establish military bases or have military presence in other countries while accusing others of militarism and mobilize all their resources in the world to impede the scientific and technological progress of other nations under the pretext of countering arms proliferation.

It is not acceptable that the United Nations and the Security Council, whose decisions should represent all nations and governments through applying democratic measures of decision making, popular methods of decision making, be dominated by a few governments who seek to serve their own interests. Principally in a world where cultures, thoughts and public opinion should be the determining factors. The continuation of the present situation is impossible, and fundamental changes seem to be unavoidable. We seek to establish a new system. A new world system.

Second. Any change must be structural, theoretical and practical, involving all domains of life. Outdated mechanisms which themselves were instrumental in and the root cause for present problems in human societies, can never be used to bring change and create our desired world. Liberalism and capitalism, especially of the nature that seeks to dominate the world and alienates human beings from heavenly and moral values will never bring happiness for humanity, because they are the main source of all misfortune, wars, poverty and deprivation.

We have all seen that the inequitable economic structures controlled by certain political interest groups were used to plunder national wealth of countries simply for the benefit of a group of corrupt businesses. Present structures therefore are incapable of reforming the challenges before us. The political and economic structures created after World War II that were based on intentions to dominate the world, in brief, failed to promote justice and lasting security. Rulers whose hearts do not beat for the love of humankind and who sacrificed the spirit of justice in their minds never can offer the promise of peace and friendship to humanity. By the grace of God, Marxism is gone. It is now history and the unhindered expansion Capitalism too will certainly have the same fate. Because based on the divine traditions referred to as a principle in the Holy Quran, the wrong like the bubbles on the surface of water and will disappear. There remains only what that can be used forever towards the interest of human societies.

We must therefore all remain vigilant to prevent the pursuit of colonialism, discriminatory and inhuman goals under the pretext of the slogans for change or and in new formats. The world needs to undergo fundamental changes and all must engage collectively to make them happen in the right way and through such efforts no one and no government would consider itself an exception to change or superior to others and try to impose its will on others by proclaiming world leadership.

Third. All problems that exist in our world today emanate from the fact that rulers have distanced themselves from human values, morality and the teachings of divine messengers. Regrettably, in the current state of international relations, selfishness and insatiable greed have taken the place of such humanitarian concepts as love, sacrifice, dignity and justice. The belief in the One God has been replaced with self belief. Some have taken the place of God and insist to impose their values and wishes on others. Lies have taken the place of honesty, hypocrisy has replaced integrity and selfishness has taken the place of sacrifice. Deception in interactions is called foresight these days and statesmanship. Looting the wealth of other nations is called development efforts, occupation is introduced as a gift towards promotion of freedom and democracy, and defenseless nations are subjected to repression in the name of defending human rights.

Friends and Colleagues. The resolution of global problems and administration of justice and maintenance of peace will only be materialized with collective determination and cooperation of all nations and states. The time to polarizing the world on the premises of the hegemony or domination of a few governments is over. Today we must rise together in a collective commitment against the present challenges, we must take change seriously and help others through collective work to return to basic moral and human values.

Messengers were sent by God to show the light of the truth to mankind, they came to make people aware of their individual and social obligations. Piety, having faith in Allah and its judgment of human behavior in the next world, in the belief in the primacy of justice in both lives, seeking one’s happiness, well being and security in the happiness, well-being and security of others, respecting human kind, making efforts to expand love and compassion against hostility, were all on top of the teachings offered by the Messengers of God, his divine messengers from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and the last Prophet Mohammad, may peace be upon all of them. All of them came to eliminate war and ignorance, to eradicate poverty and uproot discrimination in order to spread happiness in the entire world. They are the best gifts that God Almighty has granted to human beings. If the belief in Entezar or, in other words, awaiting patiently for justice to return to earth, will turn into a common goal and we join hands to achieve prosperity for all, then there will be more real and increasing hope for reform.

Fourth. In my opinion, we have several important agendas in front of us. The Secretary-General and the UN General Assembly can take the lead by undertaking necessary measures for the fulfillment of our shared goals on the basis of the following:
1 – Restructuring the United Nations in order to transform this world body to an efficient and fully democratic organization, capable of playing an impartial, equitable, and effective role in international relations, reforming the structure of the Security Council, specially by abolishing the discriminatory privilege of veto right, restoration of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people by organizing a referendum and free elections in Palestine in order to prepare a conducive environment for all Palestinian populations, including Muslims, Christians and Jews to live together in peace and harmony, putting an end to all types of interferences in the affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East, and in all countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

My friends, as our great Prophet said, a government may survive with blasphemy, but never with oppression. Oppression against Palestinians and the violation of their rights still continue. A new group of Palestinians who lived in al-Qod al-Sharif were again forced out of their homes as the destruction of their residential homes continues by the occupiers and usurpers. Bombings in Afghanistan and Pakistan have not yet stopped and the Guantanamo Prison has not yet been shut down and, there are still secret prisons in Europe.

Continuation of the present situation adds to hostilities and violence. Oppression and military aggression must be stopped. Regrettably, official reports concerning the brutalities of the Zionist regime in Gaza have not all been completely published. The Secretary-General and the United Nations have crucial responsibilities in this respect and the international community is impatiently waiting for the punishment of the aggressors and the murderers of the defenseless people of Gaza.

2- Reforming the current economic structures and setting up a new international economic order based on human and moral values and obligations. A new course is needed in fact that would help promote justice and progress worldwide, by flourishing the potentials and talents of all nations, thus bringing well-being for all and for future generations.

3- Reforming the international political relations based on the promotion of lasting peace and friendship, eradication of arms race and elimination of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. To pave the way for all nations to have access to advanced and peaceful technologies for the advancement of human beings.

4- Reforming cultural structures, respect for diverse customs and traditions of all nations, fostering moral values and spirituality aimed at strengthening the institution of a warm family which is the backbone of all human societies.

5- Worldwide efforts to protect the environment and full observance of the international agreements and arrangements to prevent the annihilation of nature’s non-renewable resources.

Fifth. Our nation has successfully gone through a glorious and fully democratic election, opening a new chapter for our country in the march towards national progress and enhanced international interactions. They entrusted me once more with a large majority, with this heavy responsibility. And now, I want to declare that our great nation that has made great contribution to the world civilization, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the most democratic and progressive governments in the world, is ready to mobilize all its cultural, political and economic capabilities to engage in a constructive process aimed at addressing the international concerns and challenges, and confronting the challenges that face human society.

Our country that builds cultures has been a main victim of terrorism itself, blind form terrorism and the target of an all-out military aggression during the first decade of it’s revolution.

All through the past thirty years we have been subject to hostile attitudes of those who once supported with all their might Saddam’s military aggression and his use of chemical weapons against us and then, decided another day and time, to take military action in Iraq to get of the same man.

Today, our nation seeks to create a world in which justice and compassion prevail. We announce our commitment to participate in the process of building durable peace and security worldwide for all nations, based on based on justice, spirituality and human dignity, while being dedicated to strongly defending our legitimate and legal rights. To materialize these goals, our nation is prepared to warmly shake all those hands which are honestly extended to us. No nation can claim to be free from the need to change and reform in this journey towards perfectness. We welcome real and humane changes and stand ready to actively engage in fundamental global reforms.

Therefore, we emphasize that the only path to remain safe is to return to Monotheism and justice and this is the greatest hope and opportunity in all ages and generations. Without belief in God and commitment to the cause of justice and fight against injustice and discrimination, the world structure will not be corrected. Man is at the center of the universe. The man’s unique feature is his humanity. The same feature which seeks justice, piety, love, knowledge, awareness and all other high values. These human values should be supported and each and every fellow human should be given the opportunity to acquire them. Neglecting any of them is tantamount to the omission of a constituting piece of humanity. These are common elements which connect all human communities and constitute the basis of peace, security and friendship.

The divine religions pay attention to all aspects of human life, including obedience to God, morality, justice, fighting oppression, and endeavor to establish just and good governance. The prophet Abraham called for the oneness of God against Nimrod, as Prophet Moses did the same against Pharaohs and Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon them all, did against the oppressors of their own time. They were all threatened to death and were forced out of their homelands. Without resistance and objection, the injustices would not be removed from the face of earth.

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And the last point that I would like to make. Dear Friends and Colleagues, the world is in a continuous change and evolution. The promised destiny for mankind is the establishment of the humane pure life and this will come when justice is pervasive across the globe and every single human being will enjoy respect and dignity. That will be the time when mankind’s path to moral and spiritual perfectness will be opened and his journey to God and the manifestation of God’s divine names will come true. Mankind should excel to represent God’s “knowledge and wisdom”, His “compassion and benevolence”, His “justice and fairness”, His “power and art” and His “kindness and forgiveness”. These will all come true under the rule of the Perfect Man, the last Divine Source on earth Hazrat Mahdi, Peace be upon him, an offspring of the Prophet of Islam, who will re-engage and Jesus Christ, Peace be upon him and other pious men will accompany him in the accomplishment of this grand universal mission. And this is the belief in Entezar, awaiting patiently for the Imam to return, waiting with patience for the rule of goodness and the governance of the best he promises. Which is a universal human notion and which is a source of nations’ hope for the betterment of the world.

They will come and with the help of righteous people and true believers will materialize the man’s long-standing desires for freedom, perfectness, maturity and security and tranquility, peace and beauty. They will come to put an end to war and aggression and present the entire knowledge to the world as well as spirituality and friendship to the whole world.

Yes. Indeed, the bright future for the mankind will come.

Friends. Dear Friends, in waiting for that brilliant time to come and in a collective commitment, let’s make due contributions in paving the grounds and preparing the conditions for building that bright future. Long live love and spirituality, long live peace and security, long live justice and freedom. I thank you all.

Well…..Apart from the religious aspects, (I adhere religiously to atheism), there’s not much I disagree with. This doesn’t mean I support Iran’s draconian laws, treatment of gays or women.

There’s no Antisemitism or hatred. At face value, it is a call for peace.

Accusations against Israel? Israel DOES have 223 UNSC resolutions against it, according to which Israel HAS illegally acquired other folks territory by war and it HAS illegally annexed territory. It HAS gotten away with it via the US veto vote in the UNSC, as it HAS been able to sway the US and the rest of the world HASN’T done anything to counter this influence.

Israel DID close all means of escape from Gaza including, under the 2005 agreement, the crossing with Egypt, thereby illegally preventing civilians from fleeing a war zone (Geneva Convention 1V…Section II..Occupied territories..Art49…The Occupying Power shall not detain protected persons in an area particularly exposed to the dangers of war unless the security of the population or imperative military reasons so demand). Then proceeded to attack the territory with some of the most advanced weapons on the planet, against which the Palestinians had no real defenses.

The West HAS interfered in the Middle East for over 100 years. In fact, we in Australia were taught via British style history books to be proud of the Empire’s meddling.

I can only imagine those who walked out, were to embarrassed to sit there with their hands over their ears or worried about being branded by Netanyahu’s rhetoric, which alas, was propaganda plus

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