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September 24, 2011

Netanyahu’s speech at the General Assembly 23rd September 2011. WOW! Listen to the applause


Welcoming Applause – Moderate – about 30 seconds
Applause after Speech – About 9 seconds of tepid applause

Applause at the end of Netanyahus speech

Welcoming Applause – Rousing – about 50 + seconds
Applause after Speech – Over a minute
That’s CHUNKY!!!

It doesn’t even fit on the page!!!!

Abbas applause at the end of UNGA Speech Sept 2011


Map shows in red, the territory > > > > > > >
the Palestinians are willing to sacrifice for peace > > >

Israel is still taking Palestinian territory
Sacrificing nothing for peace
Making no concessions of any kind

The Palestinians have taken nothing of Israel’s

Territories acquired by war and never legally annexed to Israel

What law gives any country a right to
more “defensible borders” than its neighbour?

The phrase ‘defensible borders’ does not appear in any
Law, Convention, the UN Charter UNGA or UNSC Resolution!

None of the territory Israel has acquired by war has ever been legally annexed to Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been unwittingly living outside of Israel for 60 years nor more, bolstered by a web of lies and deceit, protected only by the US veto vote in the UNSC

Left click for enlargement
Click for a LARGE Map showing the territory the Palestinians have sacrificed for peace

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