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March 7, 2012

Iran Nuclear Weapons Israeli Propaganda 101

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It stares us in the face, but some folk’d rather the propaganda …

A country wanting nukies does not sign an NPT and/or if it has signed an NPT it can legally leave the treaty, (there is a proviso) and then acquire nukes, legally AND still be a member of the IAEA!

Let’s take Israel as an example. Few people realize that Israel itself is an IAEA member state. It does not fully support the IAEA by signing an NPT, yet it receives technological assistance for Nuclear research for peaceful purposes and it legally has nukies. Likewise India and Pakistan! Both IAEA members. Both receiving technological assistance for peaceful purposes, both with nukies. Like Israel.

The Iranians have signed an NPT (they’re all slightly different) and claim their nuclear technology is for peaceful purposes, to supplant oil based fuel needs for power generation, medical research etc. Thus far, there is no actual evidence to suggest otherwise. There are only un-proven accusations. Accusations are not evidence.

Very frequently we’re treated to mind blowing revelations like … Iran installing new centrifuges … However, in 2005 we knew there were to be some 50,000 centrifuges in the main hall of the Natanz complex. That is what the hall is designed to hold. The IEAE helped design the facility thus.

Or … secret Iranian nuclear facility revealed … However, under the IAEA agreements it is only when nuclear materials are to be introduced that Iran has to reveal facilities. In each case, they have notified the IAEA according to their agreements. In each case prior to the amazing revelations popped out by the propagandistas. We can after all, read what is reported by the IAEA itself. We don’t have to rely on bullsh*te propagated by news services with their truncated, half quoted, statements, by nameless officials and discredited ‘weapons inspectors’ who never were.

Israel is making threats to attack Iran based on unconfirmed accusations. Why? Think about it. Israel cannot even stop home made rockets from Gaza even with its billions of dollars of military aid from the US. Israel didn’t achieve one of its stated objectives in Lebanon. All it did was destroy billions of dollars of civilian infrastructure many miles away from the border combat zone in a war between Israel and the official Lebanese resistance movement. (It was not a war between the state of Lebanon and the state of Israel).

What makes Israel think it can effectively attack Iran? Fact is, unless it decides to use nuclear armed ballistic missiles, it can’t. Its planes must pass through the airspace of hostile territories, refueling mid air to get there and on the return journey. Knowing full well the majority of the international community do not want another war, Israel is bluffing … perhaps something like this:

If the US maintains its veto vote in the UNSC against Israel’s illegal activities in Palestine and turns a blind eye to territory illegally acquired by war, illegal annexation, illegal settlements and if the US demands that the Palestinians enter negotiations with Israel, Israel will not attack Iran. Not that it can effectively without the US becoming involved or by using ballistic missiles and then the US will become involved. But even using nuclear ballistic missiles Israel cannot possibly contain the surrounding states who will go ballistic in return.

But wait!! Israel is wanting bunk buster bombs from the US. Why, if it has nuclear armed ballistic missiles? Or does it? And does it actually have the aircraft to deliver huge bunk busters all the way to Iran?

Maybe it’s not really about Iran at all. Perhaps it’s about Palestine and achieving a Greater Israel, unfettered by the law. Ask yourself, why does Israel demand negotiations with the Palestinians?

Reaching an agreement between two parties can circumvent the Law. Israel does not have the law on its side, it only has the precious US veto vote in the UNSC. The Palestinians do have the law on their side.

Were Israel be made to face the law, the Palestinians should be compensated for some 1/3rd of the territory Israel claims as its own, acquired by war and never legally annexed to Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis live OUTSIDE of Israel’s actual sovereign territory. Such a compensation claim would bankrupt Israel for decades to come.

Should the territory be returned to the Palestinians, there are hundreds of thousands of Israelis who’d either need to leave or become Palestinian citizens. In all likelihood an Israeli civil war would ensue as the state of Israel attempted to transfer them back to Israeli territory. It would however, be an Israeli civil war fought OUTSIDE of Israel. Under the UN Charter, an Israeli civil war outside of the Sovereign territory of Israel would allow the neighbouring powers to intervene.

However, the Palestinians have already stated they are willing to go by the ’67 Armistice Demarcation lines (what Israel likes to call borders), generously conceding some 50% of their rightful territory to Israel for the sake of peace. It is in fact Israel who MUST negotiate. It cannot bluff forever with its grubby little hand in the cookie jar.

The only real alternative to the US veto vote in the UNSC is for Israel to use its nukes, then all hell will break loose. This is what the majority of the International community really fears. Israeli leaders might just be that insane. So they pussy foot around the little rogue state, cringing in fear of what Israel just might do.

What can be done to stop Israel from perpetuating its crimes against the Palestinians? Were the US to withdraw the favour of its veto vote in the UNSC, there’d be a chance. But what on earth would make the US do that? Both China and Russia trade with Iran. Both China and Russia have opposed sanctions on Iran. Ever thought what might happen were China to threaten to stop its banks from trading with the US …

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