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October 19, 2009

Watching the hypocrisy where “the voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard”

The CifWatch banner proudly extols
“the voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard”

Unfortunately at hypocrisy central, the silencing of Talknic takes precedence. Nary a sign of the posts I’ve offered. Are they that pi$$ weak?

As for their ‘badge of honor’. What is ‘honorable’ about being booted off a tawk bored for being a bunch of ghastly, lying, toilet humorist, bigots?

CLASSIC FIB from the lil’ CiFWatchers

October 18, 2009 at 3:54 am
The Anti Discriminator

This fresh in from CIF

##Berchmans, deleted HUNDREDS OF TIMES because of anti-Semitic posts marked as such by even The Guardian moderators:##

Who are they trying to kid? CiF give no reasons for deleting posts.

October 17, 2009

Watching AKUS make a fool of himself on CiFWatch. Another idiot for Israel


This is a guest post by AKUS

“This is not a critique of the fatally flawed Goldstone report itself, which has been ably carried out by many more competent experts than me and which could be continued pointlessly ad infinitum. Even the announcement advertising the discussion of the report this week and the terms of reference for the “fact-finding mission” reveal the bizarre world which the UNHRC inhabits which makes such discussions essentially meaningless and certainly fruitless:

The holding of the Special Session comes at the request of Palestine.

There is no such country as “Palestine”. In the Draft Resolution the word “Palestine” is given an asterisk, and a footnote explains that it is a “Non-Member State of the Human Rights Council”. In fact, it is a non-state, non-member of the Human Rights Council.

A) AKUS is an expert now? WOW!!!
B) United Nations Charter Article 35

l. Any Member of the United Nations may bring any dispute, or any situation of the nature referred to in Article 34, to the attention of the Security Council or of the General Assembly.

2. A state which is not a Member of the United Nations may bring to the attention of the Security Council or of the General Assembly any dispute to which it is a party if it accepts in advance, for the purposes of the dispute, the obligations of pacific settlement provided in the present Charter.

C) The LoN Mandate for Palestine refers to the LoN Charter article 22, under which Palestine held the status of a Provisional State. This status has never legally altered. A Provisional State that has been hacked away by the formation of Jordan and Israel. What remains of the Provisional State of Palestine is still Palestine. It has not been renamed since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. When you eat half an apple what’s left? Apple or does it magically change into something else, perhaps AKUS’s ziocaine induced Hasbara bullsh*te?

Some expert AKUS turns out to be.

There is, in fact, no need to read the report in order to anticipate its methods and conclusions. It is more interesting to look at how it has been received, and what actions will be taken as a result.

Uh huh. ‘in fact’? ‘In fact’, IT’S JUST YOUR OPINION! (I guess he just ‘listens’ to the moaning of the losing team in order to ‘watch’ a football match)

D) Furthermore, under the UN Charter Chapt XI, Israel, as the Occupying Power, has a duty towards the Palestinians. To protect them, their property and their territory and to assist them in achieving effective independent statehood.

October 10, 2009

Watching AKUS put it’s shoes on backwards at CifWatch….again

The busy little beaver AKUS at CiFWatch sure knows how to put things through the Ziofier.

The headline on CiF….Circumcision – above the law? In anything other than a religious context, male circumcision would be regarded as a crime.
……is surely warning enough that what follows is a dialogue looking at the situation whereby, under the law, a male sexual organ may be mutilated on religious grounds.

However, the Ziofied headline on CiFWatch blares out FGM Represented on CiF as a ‘Freedom’ and ‘Equal Rights’ Issue .

In order to reach this startling confusion (sic), there’s a number of mandatory steps that must be taken from the Ziofier handbook. 1st ignore the bulk of the article. 2nd concentrate on a couple of sentences. 3rd Mis-construe ’em.

AKUS missed “the most cogent argument against circumcision – the fact that it is fundamentally at odds with English law.”

Missed “The term “genital mutilation” sounds far less civilised that the commonly used term “circumcision”. Yet the former is only ever used in relation to the removal of parts of female reproductive organs, and the latter, generally, for the removal of the foreskin from a male’s penis. Make no mistake, a circumcision is the mutilation of genitals regardless of the terminology.”

Missed ALL of this “Male children from the Jewish and Muslim faiths have their foreskins removed at a young age under as part of religious practice. This is an irreversible procedure that would otherwise be classed as grievous bodily harm, contrary to section 18 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. The fact that it is performed with parental consent has been deemed sufficient in allowing this procedure to be performed under English law.

The argument that parental consent suffices to override the law falls flat when compared with the act of tattooing. The Tattooing of Minors Act prohibits the tattooing of any person under 18, regardless of whether a parent consents on their behalf. A tattoo is arguably less permanent than a circumcision. If a person must reach the age of 18 before being deemed able to understand and consent to the permanence of a tattoo, then why should this not apply to a male child being circumcised?”

Missed this “Furthermore, if circumcision of males is allowed on religious grounds, then the ruling in the case of Adesanya must have been erroneous. The court here decided that a Nigerian woman could be prosecuted for cutting her teenaged sons’ faces according to her cultural norms. It seems that freedom to commit GBH only extends to males, and only then of particular faiths or cultural backgrounds.”

Missed all but two sentences “Why then is male circumcision allowed at any age, and female circumcision proscribed even after a woman turns 18? Surely religious freedom cannot be given solely to males.”

Which is of course, a dig at the law, rather than advocating FGM. The law is an ass. If you’re Jewish/Muslim and a male, we can have some non-medical practitioner mutilate your penis, with impunity.

You’ve done it again CiFWatch, congratulations.

October 4, 2009

Watching CifWatch lower themselves, resorting to toilet humour….

Unable to actually quote anything I’ve ever said said that fits their criteria, the folk who are unable to honestly address difficult questions on CiF or here. The same people who declare on their web site : “The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard”, proudly announce …..
Time for Some Toilet Humor…Ever wondered why certain Guardianistas are able to spend so much time online talknicing out of their backsides…”

The irony of the ‘humor’ they’ve chosen to exhibit, their childish vindictiveness and choice of words, seems to escape them. It serves Israel how exactly? Who’d want to be associated with such people, let alone believe anything they have to say? If they’re representative of Israel, Israelis or Jewish folk, do they realize what kind of an ugly, spitefull, picture they’re presenting?

AKUS (re-appeared recently on CiF as Akusia ?), who is unable to produce a map of Israel’s Sovereign territory, because no doubt it’s too embarrassing, bravely leads the comments

October 4, 2009 at 12:32 am
Typical outback humor!! And then, when the mods get into action – all those long, long, nitpicking comments just flushed down the toilet….
Free Eora! The Cadigals will rise again!!

October 4, 2009 at 1:25 pm
Chas N-B
Superb! Shows they are going through the motions and that it’s good that CifWatch is flushing them out. I love how you guys cut the crap.
CifWatch: wiping clean the marble and smashing the cistern!
(Enough already.)

Indeed. Enough already to show folk who it is running off to the mods in what appears now as a self confessed and concerted effort to have folk banned, rather than addressing the points those folk might raise. Which makes their credo “The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard” seem rather incongruous and more than a tad shallow.

Enough already to show how un-aware AKUS is of his own transparency, blabbering on in ignorance about people with whom I have a close relationship and who he claimed were wiped out.

Enough already to show Chas N-B’s ‘toilet’ vocabulary has him in appropriate company.

How sad. In a world where real Antisemitism actually exists and should by all means be revealed, CiFWatch is busy revealing it’s adherents to be nothing more than hypocrites and sad little gutter snipes.

September 28, 2009

The Guardian’s “Comments are Free” says “Facts are Sacred”. Lies remain. Facts are purged.

I recently came across this post by Keo2008 on CiF. It is rife with blatant lies. My reply to it, giving the facts of the matter was purged in the process of silencing Talknic (aka inreferenceto). Now, only the lies remain, spreading like filth from an overflowing sewer.

Keo2008 28 Sep 09, 9:54am

” what the Palestinians/Arabs were asking for in 1947-8.

1) They refused to talk to UNSCOP, so they actually refused to make their case to the UN body they knew would be making recommendations to the UN. If their proposals were reasonable, as you imply, whyb did they throw away the chance to influence the UN vote?.”

Interested to see if they did try to influence the vote, I went first where the facts should surely be truly represented. On the Israeli Government website.

There we find what the Israeli Government puts up as the Recording of UN vote on Resolution 181 – 29 November 1947. The only Arab state included on their version of the recording is Yemen (against).

It seemed a little short for an UNGA vote. So I then cross referenced this information with another reliable source of documents, Avalon Law at Yale University UNGA Resolution 181. Which clearly states, at the bottom of the document:

Adopted at the 128th plenary meeting: In favour: 33 – Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Byelorussian S.S.R., Canada, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Liberia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Ukrainian S.S.R., Union of South Africa, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Uruguay, Venezuela.

Against: 13 – Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen.

Abstained: 10 Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.

The Israeli Government web site have edited out the majority of the votes from their ‘record’ing. Is it any wonder people like our friend Keo2008 spread mis-information, when this is what they’re fed.

Snr Keo2008’s post went on:

Keo2008 28 Sep 09, 9:54am

2) Because of course their proposals were not reasonable at all. They demanded a Single-state solution in which all Palestinians would have the vote, but only those Jews who could prove they (orn their ancestors) were living in Palestine before 1918. That was of course a tiny minority of the Jews in Palestine. The other Jews would be deemed as stateless and liable to be expelled

3) By contrast all Arabs living in Palestine in 1947 would get the vote- even though many of them had only moved into Palestine a few years before.

That is the reality of the Palestinian position in 1947. No wonder the Zionists rejected it. No wonder the UN rejected it. And no wonder the Palestinians didnt even dare put their case to the UN.

Smelling rat by now, I looked up their demands, again from Avalon Law at Yale University. The Pact of the League of Arab States, March 22, 1945. In particular what they had to say about Palestine

At the end of the last Great War, Palestine, together with the other Arab States, was separated from the Ottoman Empire. She became independent, not belonging to any other State.

The Treaty of Lausanne (4) proclaimed that her fate should be decided by the parties concerned in Palestine.

Even though Palestine was not able to control her own destiny, it was on the basis of the recognition of her independence that the Covenant of the League of Nations determined a system of government for her.(5)

Her existence and her independence among the nations can, therefore, no more be questioned de jure than the independence of any of the other Arab States.

Even though the outward signs of this independence have remained veiled as a result of force majeure, it is not fitting that this should be an obstacle to the participation of Palestine in the work of the League.

Therefore, the States signatory to the Pact of the Arab League consider that in view of Palestine’s special circumstances, the Council of the League should designate an Arab delegate from Palestine to participate in its work until this country enjoys actual independence.

(4) Here, we need to see The Treaty of Lausanne For which I use the Brigham Young University Library, where we find

The Treaty of Lausanne. SECTION II . NATIONALITY. ARTICLE 30.
Turkish subjects habitually resident in territory which in accordance with the provisions of the present Treaty is detached from Turkey will become ipsofacto, in the conditions laid down by the local law, nationals of the State to which such territory is transferred.

We also find a map a map Which shows us very clearly an area marked PALESTINE. A territory not TRANSFERRED to any state.

So again, the Arab States have only expressed what is in the actual treaty. (the British Mandate over Palestine was an administrative role (occupation). Palestine was not ‘transferred’ to Britain)

Onwards to note (5) and art. 22 of the League of Nations Covenant

(5) See art. 22 of the Covenant and accompanying notes printed in Foreign Relations of the United States: The Paris Peace Conference, 1919, vol. XIII, pp.

The Covenant of the League of Nations
To those colonies and territories which as a consequence of the late war have ceased to be under the sovereignty of the States which formerly governed them and which are inhabited by peoples not yet able to stand by themselves under the strenuous conditions of the modern world, there should be applied the principle that the well-being and development of such peoples form a sacred trust of civilisation and that securities for the performance of this trust should be embodied in this Covenant.

The best method of giving practical effect to this principle is that the tutelage of such peoples should be entrusted to advanced nations who by reason of their resources, their experience or their geographical position can best undertake this responsibility, and who are willing to accept it, and that this tutelage should be exercised by them as Mandatories on behalf of the League.

The character of the mandate must differ according to the stage of the development of the people, the geographical situation of the territory, its economic conditions and other similar circumstances.

Certain communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire have reached a stage of development where their existence as independent nations can be provisionally recognized subject to the rendering of administrative advice and assistance by a Mandatory until such time as they are able to stand alone. The wishes of these communities must be a principal consideration in the selection of the Mandatory.

Thus far, the Arab States have only re-iterated the League of Nations Covenant, which by any standard of decency, are honorable and noble aspirations and also The Treaty of Lausanne, which does indeed show that a clearly defined Palestine, was never transferred to any State.

In order to cross reference this with their intentions in 1948, we need to read the Arab League Declaration on the Invasion of Palestine May 15, 1948, for which I used the Jewish Virtual Library.

Arab League Declaration on the Invasion of Palestine May 15, 1948

The Governments of the Arab States emphasise, on this occasion, what they have already declared before the London Conference and the United Nations, that the only solution of the Palestine problem is the establishment of a unitary Palestinian State, in accordance with democratic principles, whereby its inhabitants will enjoy complete equality before the law, [and whereby] minorities will be assured of all the guarantees recognised in democratic constitutional countries, and [whereby] the holy places will be preserved and the right of access thereto guaranteed.

Snr Keo2008, you’re full of shite! Not only did the Arab States reflect the worthy aspirations of the League of Nations Covenant, they also guarantee to uphold it. Not only were they correct in asserting that Palestine was never transfered to any State, but they guaranteed to protect it and all it’s inhabitants, offering them democracy and freedom of religion.
The complete opposite of the lies allowed to remain, where Facts are Sacred!

September 24, 2009

They lie at CiFWatch, they lie at the Olive Branch

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of the non-state entity of Palestine…


If people tell outright lies on a talkbored, why should anyone believe anything they say? Answer, you can’t!!

Apart from refusing my registration to Olive Branch, despite their claim “ALL are welcome to join in”, and the fact that the whole premise of the thread Israel ‘occupies’ no Arab territories, is a blatant lie , they bear false witness. Which of course is completely against the basic tenets of Judaism.



You seem to forget something very important.
Western Galilee, and Tel Katsir to Almagor.
We have gained use of that small strip around the Kineret – which was not intended for our use, slopes of Naftali mountains – same, and the entire Western Galilee – From Safed to Akko.

Yeterday, reading comments in The Guardian, a regular poster calls himself “Talknic” seems to counter your opinion about the Palestinian aspirations prior to 1967 as a result that no borders were declared between 1949 and 1967.

This, in my opinion, shows his / hers true intentions that either the armestice lines of 1949 should be moved back to the original patition plan (absurd idea) or that Zionism is not a valid movement and Jews do not have the right to self govern and a national movement.

Needless to say that many agree with him in that forum.
The one state solutioners all fit this line of thoughts.

Arrafat’s finest troops.

A) I’ve never advocated Israel move back to any armistice lines, because 1) Armistice lines are not borders unless they were borders before the armistice 2) Borders were never ‘declared’ in 1949/50 and Israel has never legally annexed any territory.
B) Neither here anywhere else, have I ever advocated a one state solution.

Another LIE

Re: A Time To Speak Out – Joel Schalit – Margie » Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:15 pm

“Alas, history proves you wrong. By 1949 Israel had grown some what from it’s apportioned lot under 181.”

I answered him as follows:

Well done Talknic: what good misdirection. ‘Israel had grown’ as if it were Israel’s fault that she was attacked by all her neighbouring countries and had the cheek of not succumbing!

Really? I wonder where she gets her information. Certainly not from anything I’ve ever written

Another LIE

Some one named Talknic was doubting the Ahmedinajad was a foot soldier in the 80’s which performed many acts of war crimes (if you can say a war was hapening…) I tend to believe the following Iranian guy who said he was there. …


September 23, 2009

Busy beavers over at CiFWatch, proving nothing

A busy time in the den of thieves…

John Brown

Well, talknic has been outed in his latest incarnation by Yotam on the Whitaker Yemen thread,

Yes, his only post, which was deleted, was to desperately have someone silenced, rather than address the content. Rather against ye olde CiFWatch motto, ‘The voice of opponents, no less than that of friends has a right to be heard’

‘outed’ ? Mmmmm. Links to this blog. Tell the mods I’d like to be moderated. No change of style. Easy to spot: the questions asked of John Brown’s fellows always go un-answered, out of embarrassment on their part no doubt. Brave John Brown continues:

“..and I see that Dikaisyne has piled on as well . So just in case his/her comment is dleted, here it is for the records:”

LOL ‘piled on‘ a rather revealing choice of words, suggesting maybe a concerted effort? Dikaisyne’s (likely the banned AKUS judging by how much it knows about talknic’s past) post shows..well, nothing!! Except of course to want a War Crimes investigation in Yemen, when Yemen was not at war with anyone. To investigate Nasser’s war crimes, when Nasser has been dead for years. And that (as we can see from an earlier post and the final post, below) it took Dikaisyne almost an entire day, till the end of comments to get UNHRC correct..



19 Sep 09, 11:14pm

Snow will fall in Yemen before the UNHCR sends a commission to investigate war crimes there, or Judge Goldstone expresses an opinion on the matter.

They could start with Nasser’s use of poison gas against Yemenies about 50 years ago.

Where UNHCR actually came from, yes Dikaisyne itself, so kindly preserved by brave John Brown



20 Sep 09, 9:43pm

Arrgh – unHRC!!

Meanwhile talknic/regarding was again completely silenced

September 22, 2009

CiF and the un-answered questions some folk would rather not have asked

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of Palestine…


I’ve no idea why talknic was banned from CiF. It’s never been explained. No warning, no correspondence answered. To the best of my knowledge, no guidelines broken.

Sure I re-register, A) In protest at being unfairly banned B) In order to show where the lies lie and C) In order to engage in well informed and erudite discussion, sans abuse and personal attacks D) using an email address at my own domain, so the moderators know exactly who I am, where I live, what I do for a living. In fact, more than my mother knows.

Of course if one is banned and re-registers one has to choose a new posting nic. Which results in silly accusations of deception. Hey, I’m impersonating myself? Hiding by linking this blog?

These same folk refuse to honestly answer any question put to them. It’s odd that one can engage in rational discussion with other posters & posts remain up UNTIL the moment there’s engagement with a supporter of Israel’s illegal activities. Almost instantly reported, banned and of late, the posts are almost completely purged.

Is what I write Antisemitic? Well talknic doesn’t appear on CiFWatch as an Antisemite. Abusive? Trolling? Hatefull? Well, no, I try to deal precisely with what posters have claimed or asserted and attempt to give rational answers or ask rational questions, pointing to factual information from reliable repositories and/or, for the most part, websites such as the Jewish Virtual Library, the Israeli Government web site, the JCPA.

Yes, the information is collected here, on a blog. That doesn’t invalidate the information it contains. However when I point to this collection on CiF, it results in immediately deletion and of course banning, whilst blatant lies and very obvious bigotry for the most part, remains.

Judging by the stats the CiFers have visited. Yet not contesting what’s here, on an un-moderated platform, in a completely open debate.

Nine ‘a’ for Arabs in a row. Somewhat of a record

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of Palestine…


I can’t help but notice how many apologists for Israel’s illegal activities indulge in the continual and purposeful lower casing of ‘A’rab & ‘P”alestinian/s, ‘M’uslim, ‘I’slam. They seem, for the most part, to be the same folk who go on about a G-/od given right to settle anywhere in Palestine, despite the fact that since Declaration, Israel is a Sovereignty, with sovereign borders that do not encompass all of Palestine.

If one considers that A) it is against the basic tenets of Judaism to indulge in bigotry and yet here they are B) spouting on about G-/od, one can only come to the conclusion that they’re also quite hypocritical.

Examples from CiF of 22 Sep 2009 (they might be deleted by the time you read this, however C&P’d verbatim – I’ll probably have been banned again [as ‘inresponseto’] by the time I write this and very likely completely purged)


22 Sep 09, 9:50am

@inresponseto: “Illegal” settlements in the west bank of the river Jordan, in Judea and Samaria. Says who? Judea and Samaria, Jewish land stolen from arabs (that people that came from Arabia and stole the whole ME + Iberia, now free) was under arab Jordan occupation when that country, together with Lebanon,, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. attacked (again) in 1967 and lost it. Israel conquered it in a defensive war and is entitled to keep it. Israel can’t give Judea and Samaria to the arabs for several reasons: Arabs don’t need it, they already have 22 countries. Judea and Samaria have a sentimental value to the Jews, just like London to the english people. And for strategic reasons as well. See what happened to Gaza? Israel gave it to the arabs. It is Judenrein now (except for kidnaped Gilad Shalit). The day Israel left that territory, conquered in a defensive war from arab Egypt, the arabs started firing rockets.


22 Sep 09, 10:37am

Not easy to make peace with the people from the “religion of peace”, you know, that people Britain have been killing (a million so far) for the last eight years in Afghanistan and Iraq. How many arabs killed by (arab) car bombs in arab Iraq today? How many girls killed by their parents or brothers for “honour” in the arab world today? How many dissidents killed by arab dictators today? How many arabs killed by arabs in the arab world today? How many arabs killed by Jews in Israel today? None. Yesterday? None, thank God.

Nine in one tiny paragraph.


22 Sep 09, 2:14am

Anyone who wants to impose Hamas on the palestinian peoples against their will,as was done in Gaza definitely is not thinking of the good of the palestinian peoples interest.

The palestinians have enough problems of their own,and don’t need Hamas added to their problems.Hamas has shown to be corrupt,nepotistic,and run a extremely brutal regime in Gaza.Where Hamas “fighters” are venerated,and the rest of the population are deprived and suffering extreme hardship.

A typo repeated over and over? Hard to believe. A spelling error? No, it’s spelled correctly! A grammar error? No. Upper & lower casing are not grammatical!


21 Sep 09, 11:38pm

@OopsItsMe – I don’t accept your excuses. Britain is not a dictatorship, Britain is not an arab country like Lybia, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc. Britain is a democracy and if your country has been killing millionos of people for the last eight years it means the majority of the people is for it.

One can only wonder why they bother, it immediately shows the reader that they’re ghastly bigots and undermines anything of value they might have to contribute. Who is gonna believe or take note of ANYTHING they write?

Note: Yup. Banned AND almost completely purged. Desperately silencing talknic, while the bigotspew remains. Weird.

September 18, 2009

Jubilation1 – bearing false witness

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of Palestine…


What an obsessive liar this Jubilation1 guy is.

Israel and the Arabs: Dangerous real estate

Jubilation1 17 Sep 09, 4:33pm

…….. “:It may seem to you that having assistance from Ranong is quite an achievement but talknic will gladly attack any Israeli: since that is his agenda.”

Evidence NIL! look for yourself If this guy is willing to break the basic tenets of Judaism by bearing false witness, who can trust anything he ever says?

September 14, 2009

Talking about CifWatch talking about talknic…

Filed under: The Guardian / CiF, Watching CiFWatch watching CiF — Tags: — talknic @ 1:02 pm

August 28, 2009 at 4:49 pm


Also, I’m wondering if anyone has come across an odious poster called TALKNIC? I first came across this self hating Jew on the Guardian talkboards – seperate to Cif. IF indeed he is Jewish then he certainly brings new meaning to the term “self hating Jew”. Very odd man indeed.

My, the name calling flows so smoothly from practiced finger tips… evidence/quotes though..NIL! But wait there’s MORE folks..

September 7, 2009 at 9:21 am


“I may “reappear” on CIF, but I have seriously begun to question the utility – or futility – of trying to break out of the endless spirals on the threads with some actual facts and what I think is a reasoned POV, let alone dealing with the not-so-hidden anti-Semites the site attracts. Also the futility of occasionally injecting a little humor into the grim world the editors and moderators seem to prefer and watching the comments disappear!

CIF’s I/P threads have degenerated into a sort of horrible narcissistic meeting place for a rather small group of agenda-driven uninformed Israel-haters, contributors and commentators, who like to see themselves in print spouting their opinions, endlessly using the same “talking points” to try to paint Israel as an evil empire. The same can be said for those threads that give those who blame the US for all the world’s woes a chance to spout their hatred of America.

Perhaps I should simply watch talknic destroy the site with his endless war against banning and the repetitive nonsense that he manages to post each time till the moderators catch up with him?

Interesting…will AKUS ‘re-appear’ after being banned. As AKUS? Will any of them re-appear as they were? Or, (trying not to be ‘recognisable’), under new abusernames after having re-registered, indulging in their silly personal attacks, blabbering on in ignorance about the Australian Aboriginals, as if they actually give a damn?

Poor lad, that’d be the ‘actual facts’ and ‘un-informed’ ‘nonsense’ AKUS was un-able refute…. or answer to. What was it? Ah yes, a map of Israel’s actual sovereign territories that included Sderot, Ashkelon. Understandably it was never supplied… the embarrassment.. Here’s a thread and conversation with AKUS, failing to either refute what was said or produce a map. .

September 13, 2009 at 10:14 am


One of the failures of The Guardian is that their moderating policy has enabled many posters to return using different monikers and only sometimes are they detected. Poor Dotty and talknic simply are so recognisable.

I’m guessing only people with an ulterior motive try to conceal who they are. And in response, to the endlessly repeated assertions and denials…..The corresponding Laws, Charters and Conventions always look the same every time they’re cited.

September 10, 2009 at 9:58 am


Obsession is not just a perfume: it is also talknic spamming as fourbytwo — which in Cockney rhyming slang describes some of us.

What a tedious 4×2, spamming facts in response to their repetitious denials and asking questions none of them dare answer. Surely deserving of an award of some sort. As for obsession….

September 11, 2009 at 7:18 am


Still tracking the all too evident history of the Talknic dynasty: we now have DoTell.
That is someone who learns nothing and forgets nothing.

September 16, 2009 at 7:10 am


Both our obsessives are back: Talknic as replyto and the LeonWells dynasty as PhilosOptos.

September 16, 2009 at 11:16 am


These talknics breed so fast it’s hard to keep up. There’s already a new generation: represented by Ranong.

Mmm.. ‘Still tracking’ talknic ‘down’, what a obsessive lil’ bounty hunter…. looking for something to mis-construe? Nice to think though, that talknic has gotten under it’s skin.

Hey!!! I wonder if Jubilation would like the whole nic list? I could even add silly meaningless comments to save Jubilation the bile….on second thoughts….when bile backs up….well, who’d wish that on anyone…

Rather strange they’ve not actually quoted anything… dis-appointing.

A fine example of Jubilation’s tactics can be seen HERE. When his silly accusation is shown to be false, goes on to assert that if you’re quoting someone, the words you quote are your own. A very, very interesting theory. So it goes….can’t find anything to accuse you of? No worries, just make it up!

In closing, the CifWatchers cheer for the oddest things…. If you ever bother to go there, check out The Book of Seumas by one Louise

“4. Lo, behold: the Guardianites had in their inheritance in their land of Kings Place a multitude of rabid dogs, by name…….Talknic…..”….”7. And the Guardianite dogs verily and prolifically shat upon the tribe of Judah…”…”10. …..All the revolting stinking shit of the rabid dogs of the Guardianites”

Goodness Louise, such language! They should ban you, rather than wade around in it. Say!!! I wonder if there’s any evidence of any talknic nic ever agreeing with Snr Milne or ‘shitting on’ anything but Israeli Government policies towards the Palestinians and the notions they themselves have put forward? I’m sure they’ll find something to falsify.

Unless of course Louise would care to provide …
Care to provide?

September 13, 2009

Busy little CiFWatch beavers

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Watching CiFWatch Watching CiF

The shadow boxers at CiFWatch, are giving out awards faster than I can think of new nics.
Here ya go Snr B.
Nothing like a good laugh

Wasting their time shadow boxing trying to get their opponents voices stifled, when there’s real Antisemitism on ye olde internet?
Some folk’re likely to believe the ‘cry wolf’ stuff they’re claiming is Antisemitism, is actual Antisemitism. A slippery slope to dis-empowerment that’ll lead to every granny in the street being called an Antisemite because she dared look up from her Zimmer frame.

MEANWHILE, down in settlement city, where the Israeli / US agreement on freezing settlements is on again, off again, on off on off on off, I can only wonder if the much prized gem of the US veto vote in the UNSC is making Obama’s palm sweat. What sort of a deal can be cut to keep from having to use it. No-one wants to see the bull bust up the china shop.

Today, the “Talk of deal on West Bank settlements (is) ‘premature’ ”

Tuesday another feed on Israel preparing to attack Iran, Wednesday some more agreement getting close, Thursday maybe announce some more approvals, by next Monday we’ll be back at ‘settlement agreement not close’!

What is it that some folk don’t understand about ILLEGAL?

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