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September 24, 2009

They lie at CiFWatch, they lie at the Olive Branch

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of the non-state entity of Palestine…


If people tell outright lies on a talkbored, why should anyone believe anything they say? Answer, you can’t!!

Apart from refusing my registration to Olive Branch, despite their claim “ALL are welcome to join in”, and the fact that the whole premise of the thread Israel ‘occupies’ no Arab territories, is a blatant lie , they bear false witness. Which of course is completely against the basic tenets of Judaism.



You seem to forget something very important.
Western Galilee, and Tel Katsir to Almagor.
We have gained use of that small strip around the Kineret – which was not intended for our use, slopes of Naftali mountains – same, and the entire Western Galilee – From Safed to Akko.

Yeterday, reading comments in The Guardian, a regular poster calls himself “Talknic” seems to counter your opinion about the Palestinian aspirations prior to 1967 as a result that no borders were declared between 1949 and 1967.

This, in my opinion, shows his / hers true intentions that either the armestice lines of 1949 should be moved back to the original patition plan (absurd idea) or that Zionism is not a valid movement and Jews do not have the right to self govern and a national movement.

Needless to say that many agree with him in that forum.
The one state solutioners all fit this line of thoughts.

Arrafat’s finest troops.

A) I’ve never advocated Israel move back to any armistice lines, because 1) Armistice lines are not borders unless they were borders before the armistice 2) Borders were never ‘declared’ in 1949/50 and Israel has never legally annexed any territory.
B) Neither here anywhere else, have I ever advocated a one state solution.

Another LIE

Re: A Time To Speak Out – Joel Schalit – Margie » Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:15 pm

“Alas, history proves you wrong. By 1949 Israel had grown some what from it’s apportioned lot under 181.”

I answered him as follows:

Well done Talknic: what good misdirection. ‘Israel had grown’ as if it were Israel’s fault that she was attacked by all her neighbouring countries and had the cheek of not succumbing!

Really? I wonder where she gets her information. Certainly not from anything I’ve ever written

Another LIE

Some one named Talknic was doubting the Ahmedinajad was a foot soldier in the 80’s which performed many acts of war crimes (if you can say a war was hapening…) I tend to believe the following Iranian guy who said he was there. …



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