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October 4, 2009

Watching CifWatch lower themselves, resorting to toilet humour….

Unable to actually quote anything I’ve ever said said that fits their criteria, the folk who are unable to honestly address difficult questions on CiF or here. The same people who declare on their web site : “The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard”, proudly announce …..
Time for Some Toilet Humor…Ever wondered why certain Guardianistas are able to spend so much time online talknicing out of their backsides…”

The irony of the ‘humor’ they’ve chosen to exhibit, their childish vindictiveness and choice of words, seems to escape them. It serves Israel how exactly? Who’d want to be associated with such people, let alone believe anything they have to say? If they’re representative of Israel, Israelis or Jewish folk, do they realize what kind of an ugly, spitefull, picture they’re presenting?

AKUS (re-appeared recently on CiF as Akusia ?), who is unable to produce a map of Israel’s Sovereign territory, because no doubt it’s too embarrassing, bravely leads the comments

October 4, 2009 at 12:32 am
Typical outback humor!! And then, when the mods get into action – all those long, long, nitpicking comments just flushed down the toilet….
Free Eora! The Cadigals will rise again!!

October 4, 2009 at 1:25 pm
Chas N-B
Superb! Shows they are going through the motions and that it’s good that CifWatch is flushing them out. I love how you guys cut the crap.
CifWatch: wiping clean the marble and smashing the cistern!
(Enough already.)

Indeed. Enough already to show folk who it is running off to the mods in what appears now as a self confessed and concerted effort to have folk banned, rather than addressing the points those folk might raise. Which makes their credo “The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard” seem rather incongruous and more than a tad shallow.

Enough already to show how un-aware AKUS is of his own transparency, blabbering on in ignorance about people with whom I have a close relationship and who he claimed were wiped out.

Enough already to show Chas N-B’s ‘toilet’ vocabulary has him in appropriate company.

How sad. In a world where real Antisemitism actually exists and should by all means be revealed, CiFWatch is busy revealing it’s adherents to be nothing more than hypocrites and sad little gutter snipes.



  1. Hi Talknic

    La Rit here. A friend called my attention to your blog. Very glad to find it!

    You’ll note that on your link to the Amazon site for Chasnb’s and la Birchbranch’s ‘book’ people also bought books by … Nick Cohen, Denis MacShane and Dershowitz…… what a shower of rabid, right wing ‘literati and Nu-Lab’ twitterati (“we’re fighting the anti-semites, aren’t we all clever-dicks”) shite they’re keeping company with….

    I watched those bastards going after you (how many have been hounded in this way? Hermine, Khartoumi, Questionnaire and many,many others and didn’t realise you’d been banned….. as for the odious little spite-sites Harry’s Place and ShiteWatch…. seems they have some friends in high places who specialise in going after members of the general public as a kind of sport.

    As Berch would say …. “you take care” ;-)

    La Rit

    Comment by LaRitournelle — April 12, 2010 @ 4:33 pm

    • Hi La Rit,

      Yus’m banned, purged, locked out completely. Wish I’d kept the ‘offending’ posts.

      It’s weird that they allow folk who’re subscribers and contributors on CiFWatch to keep spamming their repetitive fallacies, false accusations, their ‘I’srael, ‘J’ews but ‘a’rabs ‘p’alestinians ‘m’uslim. That they also contribute to CiF, is quite bizarre.

      It WAS a useful tool for honing argument… it seems to have gone the way of TALK, which is nothing more than a weeping sore. So it goes when the Hasbarbarians show up.

      Yes, Berch is a hoot….. Like wise….


      Comment by talknic — April 13, 2010 @ 4:56 am

  2. Hi There…

    What a little bit of a look around reveals….what a busy little beaver..chaznb..yes very hypocritical. I’ve come to expect that much of the supporters of Israel’s expansionist policies. It certainly brings out the very worst.

    The bias of CiF contributors and Guardian journos is another matter. A diversity of opinion is a good thing. Alas some of it is straight from propaganda central, easily spotted and almost always complete BullShite.

    I’ve often wondered though about some of the moderators at the Guardian, being such a big organization. I don’t envy their job, sifting through a mess of posts, most of which is twaddle. But it seems when certain moderators arrive, certainly certain posters, the purge button is pressed, on me at least.

    As for CiFWatch it’s rather hilarious, almost a parody on itself..with a Guardian contributor in their midst what’s more…tch tch tch.. So desperate. The blind leading the blind down a blind alley. Struggling to stifle contrary opinion and information and calling it Antisemitism.

    I have no hope of writing to the Guardian unless I was deceptive, which I refuse to be. Or anonymous, doubt they’d care much for anonymous complaint. The Guardian has me on their spam list, I’d dearly like to know on what basis. It’s ye olde catch 22. You can’t complain because your on their spam list and if you use deception to get thru, you’re breaking your own principles.

    So it goes…..

    Comment by talknic — November 16, 2009 @ 8:26 am

  3. Did you know that ‘chaznb’ actually works for the graun (part time at least), whilst simultaneously bitching and slagging off his fellow workmates, contributors, and CiF in general. A wee bit hypocritical, no?

    Shitty blog

    He’s also written several awful toilet books about such lofty topics as simon cowell and paris hilton!

    Not to mention the hilariously ironic, ‘Not in My Name: A Compendium of Modern Hypocrisy’ Co-written by julie burchill no less!

    Why not leave some constructive criticism on amazon?
    Or better yet email the guardian and ask them why they employ someone that is not only a rabid Arab/Muslim/Palestinian hater, but also leaves offensive, libellous (calling Steve bell a nazi loving, stormfront supporting anti semite for example) comments about other guardian employees on sites like cif-watch?

    Comment by yurp — November 15, 2009 @ 11:25 pm

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