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September 23, 2009

Busy beavers over at CiFWatch, proving nothing

A busy time in the den of thieves…

John Brown

Well, talknic has been outed in his latest incarnation by Yotam on the Whitaker Yemen thread,

Yes, his only post, which was deleted, was to desperately have someone silenced, rather than address the content. Rather against ye olde CiFWatch motto, ‘The voice of opponents, no less than that of friends has a right to be heard’

‘outed’ ? Mmmmm. Links to this blog. Tell the mods I’d like to be moderated. No change of style. Easy to spot: the questions asked of John Brown’s fellows always go un-answered, out of embarrassment on their part no doubt. Brave John Brown continues:

“..and I see that Dikaisyne has piled on as well . So just in case his/her comment is dleted, here it is for the records:”

LOL ‘piled on‘ a rather revealing choice of words, suggesting maybe a concerted effort? Dikaisyne’s (likely the banned AKUS judging by how much it knows about talknic’s past) post shows..well, nothing!! Except of course to want a War Crimes investigation in Yemen, when Yemen was not at war with anyone. To investigate Nasser’s war crimes, when Nasser has been dead for years. And that (as we can see from an earlier post and the final post, below) it took Dikaisyne almost an entire day, till the end of comments to get UNHRC correct..



19 Sep 09, 11:14pm

Snow will fall in Yemen before the UNHCR sends a commission to investigate war crimes there, or Judge Goldstone expresses an opinion on the matter.

They could start with Nasser’s use of poison gas against Yemenies about 50 years ago.

Where UNHCR actually came from, yes Dikaisyne itself, so kindly preserved by brave John Brown



20 Sep 09, 9:43pm

Arrgh – unHRC!!

Meanwhile talknic/regarding was again completely silenced


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