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September 13, 2009

Busy little CiFWatch beavers

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Watching CiFWatch Watching CiF

The shadow boxers at CiFWatch, are giving out awards faster than I can think of new nics.
Here ya go Snr B.
Nothing like a good laugh

Wasting their time shadow boxing trying to get their opponents voices stifled, when there’s real Antisemitism on ye olde internet?
Some folk’re likely to believe the ‘cry wolf’ stuff they’re claiming is Antisemitism, is actual Antisemitism. A slippery slope to dis-empowerment that’ll lead to every granny in the street being called an Antisemite because she dared look up from her Zimmer frame.

MEANWHILE, down in settlement city, where the Israeli / US agreement on freezing settlements is on again, off again, on off on off on off, I can only wonder if the much prized gem of the US veto vote in the UNSC is making Obama’s palm sweat. What sort of a deal can be cut to keep from having to use it. No-one wants to see the bull bust up the china shop.

Today, the “Talk of deal on West Bank settlements (is) ‘premature’ ”

Tuesday another feed on Israel preparing to attack Iran, Wednesday some more agreement getting close, Thursday maybe announce some more approvals, by next Monday we’ll be back at ‘settlement agreement not close’!

What is it that some folk don’t understand about ILLEGAL?


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