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September 14, 2009

Talking about CifWatch talking about talknic…

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August 28, 2009 at 4:49 pm


Also, I’m wondering if anyone has come across an odious poster called TALKNIC? I first came across this self hating Jew on the Guardian talkboards – seperate to Cif. IF indeed he is Jewish then he certainly brings new meaning to the term “self hating Jew”. Very odd man indeed.

My, the name calling flows so smoothly from practiced finger tips… evidence/quotes though..NIL! But wait there’s MORE folks..

September 7, 2009 at 9:21 am


“I may “reappear” on CIF, but I have seriously begun to question the utility – or futility – of trying to break out of the endless spirals on the threads with some actual facts and what I think is a reasoned POV, let alone dealing with the not-so-hidden anti-Semites the site attracts. Also the futility of occasionally injecting a little humor into the grim world the editors and moderators seem to prefer and watching the comments disappear!

CIF’s I/P threads have degenerated into a sort of horrible narcissistic meeting place for a rather small group of agenda-driven uninformed Israel-haters, contributors and commentators, who like to see themselves in print spouting their opinions, endlessly using the same “talking points” to try to paint Israel as an evil empire. The same can be said for those threads that give those who blame the US for all the world’s woes a chance to spout their hatred of America.

Perhaps I should simply watch talknic destroy the site with his endless war against banning and the repetitive nonsense that he manages to post each time till the moderators catch up with him?

Interesting…will AKUS ‘re-appear’ after being banned. As AKUS? Will any of them re-appear as they were? Or, (trying not to be ‘recognisable’), under new abusernames after having re-registered, indulging in their silly personal attacks, blabbering on in ignorance about the Australian Aboriginals, as if they actually give a damn?

Poor lad, that’d be the ‘actual facts’ and ‘un-informed’ ‘nonsense’ AKUS was un-able refute…. or answer to. What was it? Ah yes, a map of Israel’s actual sovereign territories that included Sderot, Ashkelon. Understandably it was never supplied… the embarrassment.. Here’s a thread and conversation with AKUS, failing to either refute what was said or produce a map. .

September 13, 2009 at 10:14 am


One of the failures of The Guardian is that their moderating policy has enabled many posters to return using different monikers and only sometimes are they detected. Poor Dotty and talknic simply are so recognisable.

I’m guessing only people with an ulterior motive try to conceal who they are. And in response, to the endlessly repeated assertions and denials…..The corresponding Laws, Charters and Conventions always look the same every time they’re cited.

September 10, 2009 at 9:58 am


Obsession is not just a perfume: it is also talknic spamming as fourbytwo — which in Cockney rhyming slang describes some of us.

What a tedious 4×2, spamming facts in response to their repetitious denials and asking questions none of them dare answer. Surely deserving of an award of some sort. As for obsession….

September 11, 2009 at 7:18 am


Still tracking the all too evident history of the Talknic dynasty: we now have DoTell.
That is someone who learns nothing and forgets nothing.

September 16, 2009 at 7:10 am


Both our obsessives are back: Talknic as replyto and the LeonWells dynasty as PhilosOptos.

September 16, 2009 at 11:16 am


These talknics breed so fast it’s hard to keep up. There’s already a new generation: represented by Ranong.

Mmm.. ‘Still tracking’ talknic ‘down’, what a obsessive lil’ bounty hunter…. looking for something to mis-construe? Nice to think though, that talknic has gotten under it’s skin.

Hey!!! I wonder if Jubilation would like the whole nic list? I could even add silly meaningless comments to save Jubilation the bile….on second thoughts….when bile backs up….well, who’d wish that on anyone…

Rather strange they’ve not actually quoted anything… dis-appointing.

A fine example of Jubilation’s tactics can be seen HERE. When his silly accusation is shown to be false, goes on to assert that if you’re quoting someone, the words you quote are your own. A very, very interesting theory. So it goes….can’t find anything to accuse you of? No worries, just make it up!

In closing, the CifWatchers cheer for the oddest things…. If you ever bother to go there, check out The Book of Seumas by one Louise

“4. Lo, behold: the Guardianites had in their inheritance in their land of Kings Place a multitude of rabid dogs, by name…….Talknic…..”….”7. And the Guardianite dogs verily and prolifically shat upon the tribe of Judah…”…”10. …..All the revolting stinking shit of the rabid dogs of the Guardianites”

Goodness Louise, such language! They should ban you, rather than wade around in it. Say!!! I wonder if there’s any evidence of any talknic nic ever agreeing with Snr Milne or ‘shitting on’ anything but Israeli Government policies towards the Palestinians and the notions they themselves have put forward? I’m sure they’ll find something to falsify.

Unless of course Louise would care to provide …
Care to provide?


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