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September 22, 2009

Nine ‘a’ for Arabs in a row. Somewhat of a record

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of Palestine…


I can’t help but notice how many apologists for Israel’s illegal activities indulge in the continual and purposeful lower casing of ‘A’rab & ‘P”alestinian/s, ‘M’uslim, ‘I’slam. They seem, for the most part, to be the same folk who go on about a G-/od given right to settle anywhere in Palestine, despite the fact that since Declaration, Israel is a Sovereignty, with sovereign borders that do not encompass all of Palestine.

If one considers that A) it is against the basic tenets of Judaism to indulge in bigotry and yet here they are B) spouting on about G-/od, one can only come to the conclusion that they’re also quite hypocritical.

Examples from CiF of 22 Sep 2009 (they might be deleted by the time you read this, however C&P’d verbatim – I’ll probably have been banned again [as ‘inresponseto’] by the time I write this and very likely completely purged)


22 Sep 09, 9:50am

@inresponseto: “Illegal” settlements in the west bank of the river Jordan, in Judea and Samaria. Says who? Judea and Samaria, Jewish land stolen from arabs (that people that came from Arabia and stole the whole ME + Iberia, now free) was under arab Jordan occupation when that country, together with Lebanon,, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. attacked (again) in 1967 and lost it. Israel conquered it in a defensive war and is entitled to keep it. Israel can’t give Judea and Samaria to the arabs for several reasons: Arabs don’t need it, they already have 22 countries. Judea and Samaria have a sentimental value to the Jews, just like London to the english people. And for strategic reasons as well. See what happened to Gaza? Israel gave it to the arabs. It is Judenrein now (except for kidnaped Gilad Shalit). The day Israel left that territory, conquered in a defensive war from arab Egypt, the arabs started firing rockets.


22 Sep 09, 10:37am

Not easy to make peace with the people from the “religion of peace”, you know, that people Britain have been killing (a million so far) for the last eight years in Afghanistan and Iraq. How many arabs killed by (arab) car bombs in arab Iraq today? How many girls killed by their parents or brothers for “honour” in the arab world today? How many dissidents killed by arab dictators today? How many arabs killed by arabs in the arab world today? How many arabs killed by Jews in Israel today? None. Yesterday? None, thank God.

Nine in one tiny paragraph.


22 Sep 09, 2:14am

Anyone who wants to impose Hamas on the palestinian peoples against their will,as was done in Gaza definitely is not thinking of the good of the palestinian peoples interest.

The palestinians have enough problems of their own,and don’t need Hamas added to their problems.Hamas has shown to be corrupt,nepotistic,and run a extremely brutal regime in Gaza.Where Hamas “fighters” are venerated,and the rest of the population are deprived and suffering extreme hardship.

A typo repeated over and over? Hard to believe. A spelling error? No, it’s spelled correctly! A grammar error? No. Upper & lower casing are not grammatical!


21 Sep 09, 11:38pm

@OopsItsMe – I don’t accept your excuses. Britain is not a dictatorship, Britain is not an arab country like Lybia, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc. Britain is a democracy and if your country has been killing millionos of people for the last eight years it means the majority of the people is for it.

One can only wonder why they bother, it immediately shows the reader that they’re ghastly bigots and undermines anything of value they might have to contribute. Who is gonna believe or take note of ANYTHING they write?

Note: Yup. Banned AND almost completely purged. Desperately silencing talknic, while the bigotspew remains. Weird.


  1. Hi Sean

    “It has callously slaughtered “Moslems”and Christians, Jews and Hindus, and many others…of all people…and at the UN!!

    ‘fraid the Guardian seems to have bent to pressure…Although to be fair they have a host of moderators who can’t possibly all be un-biased. I can post some hours, not others, yet there is still a moderator, one can tell by their deletions. Cannot post after 11:30pm ish (Australian time…which suggests the time moderators change over) Haven’t worked out if there are any particular days yet.

    Or as soon as Sydk or Petra arrive…both seasoned fallacy peddlers…TomWonacott & others will try their dead end arguments, then start slanging off and making personal attacks when they’re shown to be wrong, then run to the mods. Denial is the M/O. Sometimes the threads are left in dis-array, only showing one side of a half purged conversation….( I kinda like reminding the mods ‘replies may also be deleted’, purge it all, other wise only one side will remain where ‘Facts are supposed to be Sacred’)…they do chose to engage..even though they’re doubtless the first to complain.

    Then there’s the pathetic attempts at ‘look what you’ve done to the Australian Aboriginals’…as if someone in Australia who asks that all Nations uphold the law, would agree with a form of British colonialism that took place in Australia before they were even born and which helped give rise to the laws we have today.

    and the number who who don’t know Texas was LEGALLY annexed…is simply amazing. Don’t they check anything?

    They’re hilarious…..Plod along… :-)

    Comment by talknic — January 29, 2010 @ 12:05 pm

  2. The other red flag is use of the word “Moslem” instead of “Muslim.” Muslims finds the term “Moslem” offensive, because it is similar to the Arabic word for “oppressor.” This is common on hate sites like Jihadwatch and Dhimmiwatch where the authors claim to be “experts” on Islam and the Muslim world, so one can only assume they do this to be deliberately and childishly offensive.

    As an aside, I want to point out that I’ve just found your site, and have just spent many insomniac hours reading it. It really is a goldmine of quality information and I greatly appreciate the time and energy you have put into making your arguments and collecting these resources. I too find myself routinely censored on CiF–but not yet banned–for making mild criticisms of Israel while mouth-breathing bigots are allowed to vent their hatred of Muslims with impunity. Maybe it’s just the particular moderators in question, but between this and the reactionary knuckle-draggers The Graun hires in the name of “balance,” they have lost all credibility with me.

    Comment by Sean — January 26, 2010 @ 10:32 am

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