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September 28, 2009

The Ziofier strikes unsuspecting Presidents, politicians, journalists, public contamination at all an time high.

‘Israeli’s’ become ‘Jews’, ‘the regime’ becomes ‘Israel’. ‘Jerusalem’ becomes ‘Israel’, (even though it’s not even in Israel). Quite incredible. The Ziofier can make people become conflationists at the drop of a cliche.

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Your brain on Zionism – Katie Miranda is an illustrator, jewelry designer, and cartoonist living in Portland, OR.
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Even such luminaries as Edie Weisel are not immune from the dreaded Ziofier !

The Ziofier strikes across the board, rendering it’s victims unable to access important documents readily available to anyone with an internet connection.

If they have by chance actually ever read these documents, the Ziofier will immediately infiltrate that part of their memory bank and either wipe it completely or implant words with the opposite meaning. ‘delared’ becomes ‘covert’, ‘revealed’ becomes ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’. You can see the Ziofier at it’s best when it goes to work on UNSC Resolution 242 ‘acknowledgement of boundaries’ instantly becomes ‘negotiate borders’. Quite miraculous!!

The Ziofier is especially good with the UN Charter, UNSC resolutions, International Law, Geneva Conventions, the responsibilities of States, Declarations of Sovereignty, declared borders and the opinions of the International Court of Justice, wiping them completely off the map!

The Ziofier has altered 62 years of illegal acquisition of territory by war, illegal annexation, illegally instituting a foreign entity’s Civil Law in an Occupied Territory and the ignoring of 223 UNSC resolutions, into: “a peace loving neighbour”

The Ziofier has magically changed armistice lines into borders, where there were never borders before the armistice, altered the Balfour Declaration, the British White Papers of 1920 and 1939, UNSC Resolution 242.

During Cast Lead, the Ziofier was instantly able to change: the closure of all possible means of civilians escaping a war zone, into: “Never has a country gone to such extraordinary lengths to remove the enemy’s civilian population from harm’s way” as ‘we attacked Gaza with some of the most modern and deadly military equipment in the world, not even allowing them to flee into the sea’.

The secret to the Ziofier’s success is it’s inbuilt fail-safe mechanism which immediately accuses people who might be immune, of being: Antisemites, Jew haters, Israel haters, self hating Jews, terrorist supporters.

The startling results of the Ziofier’s fail-safe mechanism can be seen in the veto vote being used in the UNSC, the press statements of Presidents, statesmen, senators, newspaper reporters, editors, TV anchormen, who all tremble in fear of the labels the Ziofier will instantly dish out.

Have YOU been Ziofied yet? Early symptoms include: Concern that people might think you’re an Antisemite, even if you’re not and there is no evidence that you are? Guarding every word, comma, full stop, upper casing of proper nouns, making sure that nothing you say can possibly be misconstrued, but knowing in the back of your mind that it will? Using anonymous email addresses where you normally wouldn’t because, although nothing you say or believe is in anyway Antisemitic, you know the lil’ ol’ Ziofier doesn’t dis-scriminate?



  1. Elie Weisel is so unreliable it’s extraordinary he has any credibility. Can it be him in the photograph of Buchenwald?

    The last two pages of his book “Night” describe the Germans fleeing and the Americans arriving. According to this scenario, he would have been in the hospital from April 14 to April 28. Since the picture was taken on April 16, he could not have been in it.

    Wiesel later changed this basic story a number of times. The second version of events was invented many years later. “After the liberation I became sick and it’s strange how it happened. … Suddenly the Americans came and brought their food but they really didn’t know what they were doing; they gave fats. 5,000 people died immediately from food poisoning. . . and my body rebelled; I lost consciousness immediately and was sick for ten days or so – unconscious, in a coma – blood poisoning or something.” In this second version, Wiesel says that he ate the food “an hour or two after the liberation,” which contradicts his original claim in Night that he only got sick three days after liberation. Also, in this new version he is sick, unconscious and in a coma for ten days, or from April 11 until about April 21. Here, once again, he could not have been in a picture that was taken on April 16. There is no known support for his assertion that 5,000 died.

    Comment by William Smart — January 22, 2011 @ 4:37 pm

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