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March 5, 2015

Netanyahu speaks to the US congress 2015 or Fellating the donkey for Israel

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lipstick in the US congress


  1. Hehe :)

    This article may be interesting for you, it cites some Israeli news about Netanyahu, showcasing some of his absurd lies in the last years. There is also some interesting news about Iran in that article:

    My other link is about why NoDeal is the by far worst option:

    Comment by socialinform — March 5, 2015 @ 6:50 pm

  2. Brilliant!

    Comment by Cloak And Dagger — March 5, 2015 @ 5:09 pm

  3. Lol that super cool, talknic! (Yeah it’s me Taxi, from MW). I love this page – the simplicity of it. I want one too! I’m signed up with wordpress but haven’t got it together yet to set up. I need help doing it!

    Comment by TaxiMondo — March 5, 2015 @ 2:43 pm

    • Hi Taxi,

      It takes a bit of practice. Best to build a template first, then ‘copy a post’

      I should clean it up a bit. One day when I’m not busy

      Comment by talknic — March 11, 2015 @ 12:09 pm

      • Hi blue-eyed Talknic! I’m practicing right now! Opened a page here:
        If you visit it, you can see that I’m having design issues – weirdly, an article headline I was posting through the wordpress bookmarklet ended up in my ‘About’ box and I can’t seem to be able to get rid of it – but I’m just experimenting around, learning the ropes etc. Once I’ve got the hang of it a bit, I will open a new and clean account under ‘Taxi’ and delete Taximondo when I’m good and ready. Say, what is the template name you’re using? Any other tips would be much appreciated. I need an outlet outside of MW and a few other mondoweisers feel the same – so I’m doing time here on wordpress for a group of us. Maybe when I’m set up you could visit too – you are so thoroughly invited! See ya on the battlefield!

        Comment by Taxi — March 11, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

        • My blog is the free Shocking Blue Green Theme, discontinued I think. It’s a wider text area. I did my own template for the Shocking Blue Green Theme, within the limited parameters any free blog allows. Knowing some HTML code helps so I can manipulate even those set parameters a bit.

          Go here to pick the features you want
          There are usually ‘categories’ and sub-categories. Like parent .. child .. etc ABOUT is probably a default category or a PAGE
          a PAGE is like the theme or topic, pages usually stand alone

          Then there’s ‘posts’ or an article. A post can be a page or under a category or sub-category or both

          When you write a post, the controls for where the post goes are usually in a panel on the right that has:
          You’ll also find things like:
          Save Draft — Preview
          Status: Draft Pending Edit
          Visibility: Public Sticky Private Edit
          Publish immediately
          Publicize: Googlet: talknic Edit Settings
          Move to Trash
          TAGS (for search engines)

          BTW I have brown eyes

          Comment by talknic — March 12, 2015 @ 4:57 am

          • Thanks brown eyes! Yeah I’ve already figured out how to do most of the stuff you’ve mentioned, but I can’t figure out how to do fundamental stuff like delete a whole post, for instance. I mean as an admin, I gotta be able to delete stuff if I so feel inclined, right? But I can’t find that delete feature on my dashboard – I’ve looked and looked and looked! I know it’s gotta be doable and is probably right under my nose so I’ll keep looking. But I’ve taken up enough of your time, Talky, and I think I might look into going ‘premium’ so I can get ALL the technical help that I need for other stuff – like I quite like some of the community-interaction features that Friendfeed has – (unfortunately ff is shutting down in a couple of weeks) – it would be cool if my page had them and I don’t think wordpress offers these desirable features for free. I’m looking into it anyway. Thanks for your time pal.

            Comment by Taxi — March 12, 2015 @ 5:38 am

            • Go My SIte (should be top left hand corner)
              Go Blog Posts you can delete from there

              Comment by talknic — March 12, 2015 @ 8:21 am

              • Muchos gracias amigo! And I also managed to get this of the ‘about’ box, thereby finally getting rid of the unsightly headline that ended up getting stuck there! Phew! Thanks again.

                Comment by Taxi — March 12, 2015 @ 9:15 am

              • BTW, I settled on ‘Manifest’ for my theme. Simple and uncluttered. Though I haven’t quite explored all it’s features.

                Comment by Taxi — March 12, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

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