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September 29, 2016


It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel, it’s a territory of State of Palestine…


Peres was an inveterate liar, warmonger and terrorist

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Israel, MDG Debate 20 September 2010
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“Mr President, ladies and gentlemen. History was written in blood. Most wars were waged over territory. Today, science, creativity and knowledge replaced land as the source of wealth. Land can be conquered. Not science. Science is global, borderless. Armies can’t conquer it.”

Lie No# 1 – Israel stifles the ability of the Palestinians to develop science, creativity, knowledge, agriculture, self determination, by illegally acquiring Palestinian land and suppressing them, with the IDF. The IDF is an army!

“Yet, still, Lawless terrorists spread violence caused by ideological differences, social gaps and sheer fanaticism.”

A) Peres was a member of the terrorist Haganah. They did not stop until their goal was achieved. B) Already he forgot the wars “waged over territory” in which Israel has illegally ‘acquired by war’ some 50% of the Palestinians rightful territories since 1948.

” The new millennium must liberate the world, from bloodshed, from discrimination, from hunger, from ignorance, from maladies.

Modern science is capable to provide new answers. In the coming ten years there will be an explosion of knowledge. Computation power increased a million folds in the last 25 years. Scientists are venturing into the brain.

Mr. President,

I speak on behalf of a small people, and a tiny land. We knew rebirth despite the murder of one third of our people. The Shoah. We were alone. Our land was attacked 7 times in 62 years. Again.”

Lie No# 2 – Israeli/Jewish forces OUTSIDE OF Israel’s Sovereign territories were attacked. Israel was acting outside of it’s actual Sovereign territory. It did not ask for UN help, because it knew it would not be forthcoming. There is no UNSC Resolution condemning the Arab States Invasion of PALESTINE. Israel had just been declared independent of Palestine, even as Jewish forces were outside of the territory being declared as Sovereign. What was a civil war escalation under Plan Dalet, became a war waged by a State (Israel) on a non-state entity, the moment Israel declared it’s sovereign territory and adopted the Jewish forces outside of it’s sovereign territory. The Arab States had a right, as Regional Powers, to attempt to expel foreign forces from the non-state entity they represented.

“Never giving up on hope, we developed science. We found that the future is in our hands. We learned that people can enrich land, no less than land can nourish the people.

Israel is the product of pioneering human spirit – not of financial capital”

Lie No# 3 – The Jewish Colonial Trust was one of the first things setup by the Zionist Federation garnering support from Jewish people around the world, because it DID depend on capital. The Kibbutz was poor. He was poor. He had only two pairs of pants. The Zionist Federation and the Institutions had more than two suits. Theodor Herzl didn’t even bother to go live in Israel. Never worked on a kibbutz.

“In spite of wars, we made peace with Egypt and Jordan.”

Lie No# 4 – Israel was FIRST required to AGREE to the terms of a Peace Treaty. The Terms it acquiesced to, required Israel to AGREE to WITHDRAW from ALL of Egypt’s territory, then implement the WITHDRAWAL and FINALIZE the withdrawal, BEFORE peaceful relations resumed. Israel is still claiming territory OUTSIDE of it’s Sovereignty. No Arab State has claimed ANY Israeli territory since the Declaration of the State of Israel …within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947,. Israel has never legally annexed ANY territory. Not the undeclared territory ‘acquired’ by war by 1950 or “territories occupied” and never withdrawn from. Left under in the trust of a Regional Occupying Power.

“The territorial dispute with Lebanon has ended and acknowledged so by the UN.

We left Gaza on our own initiative. Completely. “

Lie No# 5 – UNSC Res 1860 on Caste Lead, tells us Israel occupies Gaza

“We are now negotiating with the Palestinians in order to realize the two-state-solution:

A Jewish state, Israel. An Arab State- Palestine. There is no other peaceful alternative. And, I believe that we shall succeed”

Lie No# 6 – ‘I believe that we shall succeed’… By Israel continuing to act illegally by aiding and abetting the ILLEGAL settlements continuing in “territories occupied”. It is against the GC’s. The GC’s were formulated in large part because of the horrors perpetuated on the Jewish people. They are there in order to protect all civilians, including those of the Occupying Power, by keeping them out of areas where arms might be expected, especially when that territory belongs to someone else. It is also against Israeli law for Israeli citizens to enter a hostile entity. Does he really expect talks to succeed while Israel continues to act outside the law? While illegal settlers blatantly flaunt the International Law. Israel agreed to uphold International Law. At this time, it has done NO THING to uphold International Law. It is shamefull.

“We are ready to enter in direct negotiations with Syria immediately.

Immediately, has taken 42 years of occupying the Sovereign territory of an Independent Sovereign State and illegally settling Israelis in it! UNSC Res 242. “..acknowledgment of Sovereign integrity etc etc”

Mr. President,

We are committed to the Millennium development goals. We share the burden of saving the world from war and hunger. Without peace, poverty will remain. Without food – peace will not prevail.

Statesmen have to mobilize political power to achieve peace. Scientists can enable the land produce more food. We developed an agriculture based on science.

Our farmers produce 8-folds per acre compared with the nation’s early days. The need for water was cut in half. We employed desalination, recycling, drip and electronic irrigation and bio-engineering to create new seeds and richer crops.

Five decades ago, an Israeli farmer produced food for 15 persons. Today, he produces for 120.

The farmer’s contribution to the GDP equals that of a high-tech engineer. To cultivate land, you have to cultivate education and improve health.

So we introduced free compulsory education for all, from age 5 to 18. It brought an end to illiteracy and provided us with the highest rate of scientists per square mile in the world. The National health-care system provides world-class treatment for every citizen.

We are also one of the only countries in the world that entered the 21st century with more trees than it had when it entered the 20th century.”

Lie No# 7 – Agriculture and trees planted in Illegally ‘acquired’ territory by 1950 (never annexed) and in ‘territories occupied’ (illegally annexed) are NOT IN Israel. ONE THIRD of the territory Israel claims as it’s own, ISN’T.

“Mr. President,

I am confident that our path is available to everyone. Our experience is replicable. We are ready to share our experience as we did already with many countries –– both through UN agencies and bilaterally.

Our call includes also nations that don’t have diplomatic ties with us.

Mr. President,

The other day, the formal leader of Iran declared there’s no future for Israel in the Middle East.”

Lie No# 8 He did?”no+future+for+Israel+in+the+Middle+East”+%2BAhmadinejad+-peres

“I believe that the Middle East has room for every person, every nation, every religion.

We believe that every person was created in the image of the lord – and there’s just one Lord who calls not to hate, not to threaten, not to seek superiority, and not to kill. There is enough room for friendship in the Middle East.”

Lie No# 9 – Israel kills, actually maintains superiority over the Palestinians, illegally acquires their territory, occupies them, illegally annexes, illegally settles, has dispossessed half the population and has threatened them if they did not comply. Every day. For 62 years.
Link to this

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my youth I was a member of a Kibbutz, cultivating poor land.”

Lie No# 10 – He worked in two – Kibbutz Alumot, which was in desert. In his time it was a failure. It didn’t blossom in the desert.

The other, Geva in the Jezreel Valley, which was NOT poor land or a desert. It was already blooming and had done so for centuries. Of the Jezreel Valley Bayard Taylor 1852 wrote one of the richest districts in the world

Laurence Oliphant 1887 wrote the Valley of Esdraelon (Jezreel) was ‘a huge green lake of waving wheat, with its village-crowned mounds rising from it like islands; and it presents one of the most striking pictures of luxuriant fertility which it is possible to conceive’

” I owned, like all members, two shirts and two pairs of pants. There was a third pair of pants: made of flannel reserved for grooms only.

I was lucky to wear them for two full days during my wedding. The main dish in the kibbutz was eggplants. Meat was available once a week, but not every week. There was no private money and little collective money.

We were poor and happy. The sort of happiness felt when a person as is turning desert into garden. “

Lie No# 11 – Kibutz Alumot was a failure in his time, it didn’t turn the desert into garden. It was abandoned until 1967 and Kibbutz Geva was not in the desert, it had been a fertile garden for centuries.

“Today the kibbutz has a thriving agriculture and a profitable guest house. Food is plentiful. It is in the kibbutz, in scarcity, where I learned to respect pioneers. And developed an affinity to creative minds and laborious hands. Actually, my early dream was to see the world as a great kibbutz. Free, peaceful, productive.”

Lie No# 12 – Except for the Palestinians who Israel continues to dispossess and occupy. Whose land Israel continues to illegally acquire. Who Israel will not allow trade in or out of Gaza, stifling any development and productivity.

“Mr. President,

I call upon this gathering to address the two burning challenges: first, to harness science and technology to increase food production. And second, to stand together against terror. “

Lie No# 13 – He was a member of the terrorist outfit Haganah, who fought to establish Israel. He has become the President. If he wasn’t a terrorist, he wouldn’t be President.

A hungry world will never be peaceful.

Lie No# 14 – Israel currently has an embargo on ALL Palestinian citizens in Gaza. Until Israel lifted some restrictions after the outcry over it’s unwarranted attack on the Mavi Marmara, the embargo included foodstuffs.

“A terrorized world will never be governable. We should unite around a common hope. The cradle of our children shall be the cradle of our vision.”

Israel’s vision in 1949 was this

Today it is this


  1. Thanks talknic. You’re amazing.

    Comment by ritzl — September 29, 2016 @ 4:08 pm

    • Gracias ritzl … pass it on, Blatant Zionist lies deserve exposure

      Comment by talknic — October 5, 2016 @ 8:03 am

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