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March 22, 2013

Israel vs Palestine. The Hasbara. There’s something odd about this alleged rocket attack during Obama’s visit to Israel

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There’s something odd about the alleged rocket attack during Obama’s visit to Israel

There’s the obvious:
A nine minute commentary on steroids
Pres Obama was 40 miles away
The insanely stupid speculation on the Palestinian intention in respect to Obama’s visit (reporters’ speculations are not news).
Plus the additional footage of explosions, that had nothing to do with the incident.

Then there’s the obvious:
The explosion was enough to almost entirely disintegrate a steel rocket casing, yet the chair is completely unscathed. The damage to the wall is quite minor and;
the steel shutter shows no signs of damage and;
there’s no mention of Iron Dome
… wasn’t it turned on?

Tue 5th Jan 2015 – Now the video has been removed …

The cease fire had already been broken BTW. Within days of signing it, Israel was killing Palestinian civilians and militants on the Gaza side of the Armistice Demarcation Line


  1. Either that rocket was a dud – in which case, the report should be full of “how very lucky were this family” and how incompetent are Israel’s enemies.

    Or it could be that the rocket was empty, militants have used up all the explosives deliberately left them by Israel after Cast Lead. (Yes! see ) Or militants have insufficient rocket fuel to carry any explosives even as far as Sderot, so they sent an empty.

    Or it could be a spent portion of the Iron Dome interceptor, in which case its hugely deceitful of the Zionists to claim that its a Gazan rocket. (Iron Dome itself appears to be a dud – only a head-on attack will set off the warhead and give the distinctive double blast of a successful interception, search for the MIT expert Postol and “I drank the Kool-Aid”).

    Or its a projectile fired by Israel but without explosive (and probably into an evacuated section of Sderot) in order the news be filled with the “suffering of those poor Israelis”. Whatever is that has really happened in this case, its shockingly handled, at least by that reporter.

    I would love to know who really owns the land on which Sderot stands – but I guess its much too dangerous for anyone to make that claim. Israel would murder them if any word got out.

    Comment by William Smart — March 29, 2013 @ 10:58 am

    • I really don’t like to speculate. We can see the chair. It’s unscathed.

      BTW The video was removed. Don’t know why or when. I’ve replaced it with another

      Najd and Sderot were within the Israel’s Internationally recognized sovereign territory.

      Full overlay map for Google Earth

      Who ‘owned the land’ is a question of ‘real estate’ and would be on record somewhere. The Palestine Gazette has been digitized It might be a good place to start finding stuff. Rather laborious searching tho unless you have dates

      Who owned the land where Sderot stands is the least of Israel’s problems. Since May 15th 1948 Israel has illegally acquired huge swathes of non-Israeli territory, none of which has ever been legally annexed. Even territory acquired by war must eventually be legally annexed. They’ve settled it illegally. Built illegal facts on the ground. Now Israel can no longer afford to adhere to the law. It would be sent bankrupt paying rightful compensation to the Palestinians while trying to relocate hundreds of thousands of Israelis back to Israel’s internationally recognized sovereign extent

      It’s Israel who must negotiate with the Palestinians who have no legal obligation to forgo ANY of their legal rights, even in negotiations. The Palestinians have the law on their side. Israel has only the US veto vote in the UNSC preventing any consequences for its illegal actions

      Comment by talknic — May 28, 2013 @ 5:54 pm

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