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June 20, 2012

Israel uses secret weapon to solve the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. Israel grants massive concessions in 2012

64 years of refusing to see the elephant in the room, has led to some peculiar behaviour.

Instead of seeking a peaceful solution to the I/P conflict, Israel has taken more and more Palestinian territory and ignored more and more UNSC Resolutions. Never making any concessions involving its own territory, while falsely claiming generosity.

Offering the Palestinians parts of their own territory in order that Israel be able to keep Palestinian territory, is a completely bizarre concept of ‘concession/s’. Even more bizarre, that the Israeli Government encourages more and more illegal Jewish Israeli development in “territories occupied”, ignoring the GC’s and placing Israeli citizens in harms way, then claiming security as the reason for a brutal occupation under which Palestinians have lived their entire lives.

The bullsh*te spouted on behalf of Israel at official levels is incredible. Take ‘defensible borders’. I defy anyone to find the words ‘defensible borders’ in any International Law, any UNSC resolution or any Convention. The words simply do not exist. They do not exist for a very simple reason. No state has more right to defensible borders than its neighbours.

After being given the territory for a Jewish homeland state. Israel had no right to then illegally acquire by war and attempt to illegally annex or settle any of the territory set aside for an Arab State. It wasn’t a part of the deal the Jewish People’s Council agreed to in the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel.

Putting lipstick on the pig is not the answer. End the occupation. Get out of Palestine. There’s room enough in Israel for every Jewish person on the planet today.

No one has anything of Israel’s. If you take other folks territory, they’re not going to like it or you and they’re very likely to fight back. Even with the rocks that were once their homes.

Israel claims it has made generous concessions, but the only concessions that have been made are by the Palestinians. Forgoing their rightful territories under the Laws and UN Charter Israel agreed to uphold.

In an incredibly generous gesture towards peace, the PA has already conceded territory acquired by war by Israel in 1948/49. None of which has ever been legally annexed to Israel.

The ramifications of Israel’s lipstick policies for the last 62 years will be felt for decades, even with a peace agreement or Palestinian Statehood within the 1967 ‘borders’



  1. who is the guy after Netanyahu at 0:14?

    Comment by steeve greene — June 22, 2012 @ 7:45 am

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