First, find out what isn't true…

September 18, 2010

If Israel legally annexes territories after this round of negotiations, it will tell us two major realities.

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of Palestine…


Perhaps the most ironic outcome would be were Israel to legally annex ANY territories in a negotiated outcome.

It would

A) Quite clearly show that all along those territories were NEVER actually sovereign to Israel, thereby dispelling the twaddle peddled by those who say it is already Israeli territory.

B) Quite clearly show the generosity of the Palestinian people by forgoing the right to all their territory in order to have peace and perhaps, if they wish, declare a state or independent sovereignty.

Meanwhile., no one can force a people to accept a deal that is less than their rights. Nor can they be forced to declare statehood with anything less that their rightful territories. It’s up to the OCCUPYING Power, as a TRUSTee, to recognize those rights.

In the end the only way the Palestinians can have a state, is when occupation ends.

The declaration of the State of Israel ONLY came into effect AFTER the British Mandate (occupation as a TRUSTee) ENDED . INDEPENDENCE. Look it up. …


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