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September 7, 2010

Is one half of Israel only worth $50 billion?

…It’s actually quite simple. If it hasn’t been legally annexed to, or isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel,
then it’s a territory of what is left of Palestine after the existing states have defined their boundaries in order to be recognized as independent of Palestine….

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Haaretz – Tue, September 07, 2010 Egypt FM: Palestinians could get $50 billion in compensation under peace deal

Within the comments we can read comparisons to the Arab states expelling Jewish folk post 1948 or Germany’s Holocaust reparations and the illegal acquisition of territories of Palestine by Israel. They reflect the complete mis-understanding of the two situations. I do not agree with ANY of the parties actions BTW.

‘real estate’ and ‘territories’ are two quite different things. ‘real estate’ is bought and sold to and by private individuals, corporations, institutions (even state institutions), this does not make it the ‘territory’ of the buyer. ‘territory’ is the stuff of states and/or entities.

Germany and the Arab States confiscated ‘real estate’ belonging to Jewish folk living in their respective state ‘territories’. Israel on the other hand, has illegally acquired some 50% of the ‘territory’ of Palestine. This is roughly equivalent to 50% of the actual Sovereign Territories of Israel itself. Would you value 50% of Israel at only $50 billion?

I doubt anyone in their right mind would. Yet for some folk, it’s an amount too much for the ‘p’alestinians for the equivalent territory. Amazing!


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