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January 28, 2010

Busy at the Fallacy Factory manufacturing lies and false accusations for Israel.

…It’s actually quite simple. If it isn’t the “acknowledged” Sovereign Territory of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Israel, then it’s a part of the non-state entity of Palestine…


Labouring away at the fallacy factory. Making mud they hope will stick.

What is it that drives people like the despicable TomWonacott to make false accusations?

1st accusation : Classic victimization of the Palestinians justifying murder of Israeli civilians (isn’t the Goldstone report about targeting civilians?) was also a feature of the thread:

His evidence :

talknic19 6 Jan 2010, 2:25PM

( SouthLondon01 6 Jan 2010, 2:06PM “…The Israeli kids were killed on busses, in schools, restaurants and parks, quite deliberately, and absolutely becaue of their race.”)

Dispossession (sometimes twice), illegal acquisition of territory, illegal annexation, illegal settlements, bulldozing homes are a racial trait? Amazing.

2nd accusation : And then there are the supporters of the one-state solution:

His evidence :

talknic19 6 Jan 2010, 2:32PM

(toryzionist “Perhaps if palestinian leaders had genuinely offered to allow Jewish people to remain in 1947 instead of proclaiming how they would push them into the sea ..”)

?? Declaration on the Invasion of Palestine says: “The Governments of the Arab States emphasise, on this occasion, what they have already declared before the London Conference and the United Nations, that the only solution of the Palestine problem is the establishment of a unitary Palestinian State, in accordance with democratic principles, whereby its inhabitants will enjoy complete equality before the law, [and whereby] minorities will be assured of all the guarantees recognised in democratic constitutional countries, and [whereby] the holy places will be preserved and the right of access thereto guaranteed.” Democracy!! Equal rights!! How dare they!

Neither post fits the accusation, nor is there any Antisemitism. The accusations are pathetic attempts to spread false notions.

Another example The Olive Branch
The accusation :

(ItsikDeWembley » Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:40 am “Some one named Talknic was doubting the Ahmedinajad was a foot soldier in the 80’s which performed many acts of war crimes (if you can say a war was hapening…)” )

Evidence? Fortunately the original posts have never been purged even though talknic was banned. I asked for a source.

Not permitted to answer these false accusations on CiF (banned & purged), CiFWatch (not allowed to join) or The Olive Branch (not allowed to join) et al, gives me no recourse but to refute their pathetic attempts here.

Here it is again … Plying it’s trade ..

ItsikDeWembley Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:14 am “Yeterday, reading comments in The Guardian, a regular poster calls himself “Talknic” seems to counter your opinion about the Palestinian aspirations prior to 1967 as a result that no borders were declared between 1949 and 1967.

This, in my opinion, shows his / hers true intentions that either the armestice lines of 1949 should be moved back to the original patition plan (absurd idea) or that Zionism is not a valid movement and Jews do not have the right to self govern and a national movement.

Needless to say that many agree with him in that forum.
The one state solutioners all fit this line of thoughts.

Arrafat’s finest troops.

A complete fabrication. Quite bizarre.

These folk don’t seem to realise that their un-warranted and unsubstantiated character assassination attempts only show us that… they… are… LIARS! More importantly, it poses a few questions, why would anyone purposefully lie? If they lie on InterNet forums and blogs, what’s to stop them from lying elsewhere? Why would anyone believe ANYTHING they say?

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    Busy at the Fallacy Factory manufacturing lies and false accusations for Israel. | First, find out what isn't true…

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