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September 16, 2009

The sacrificial altar – Israel vs Goldstone

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It’s incredible the lengths some people will go to…The ‘two wrongs’ principal is alive and well and living in Israel. The associations they’re willing to make, the lies they’re willing to tell and the friends they’re now suddenly willing to throw to the wolves. UN Gaza report / Will U.S. now let Goldstone into Afghanistan? asks Amir Oren in Haaretz In an article which not only puts Israel alongside My Lai, but goes on to throw up a hypothetical situation in which he tries to implicate the NY Times in the slaughter of innocents during the rescue of a reporter.

Also from Haaretz “The Goldstone report is a dangerous attempt to harm the principle of self-defense by democratic states and provides legitimacy to terrorism,” Danny Ayalon told the heads of the American Jewish Committee during a meeting in New York. “The Goldstone Report should be treated like the UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 equating Zionism with racism, thus we must mobilize and act with all force against the report in order to remove it”. A blatant lie of course. The actual report condemns Hamas actions, calling them a war crime. The fear is it seems the UNSC, with perhaps for the first time, a US President who might not use the power of the precious veto vote in order to protect Israel being prosecuted for it’s illegal actions.

Not to mention, though I will..THE FLAMING WARS..

A JPost titbit, between Ken Roth & Irwin Cotler.
“Ken Roth’s article “Don’t smear the messenger” (August 26) – responding to my critique of the Goldstone mission under the authority of the UN Human Rights Council – reminds me of what is termed the “false accusation in the mirror,” where you accuse the “other” of what you yourself are doing.” Wherein Irwin does exactly that, by accusing the investigation as being flawed & one-sided. “My critique was of the tainted [this is an understatement] authority of the UN Human Rights Council under which the mission was established; the flawed, one-sided mandate – also an understatement; the prejudicial presence of one of the members of the commission, who had already pronounced herself on the merits of the issue thereby giving rise to a reasonable apprehension of bias in the work of the commission; and the damage done to the integrity of the UN and the authority of international law, the whole of which underpins the Goldstone mission.”

I suggest these Israeli Government representatives actually read the mandate. It IS in the report. It IS available. They could have had a say in how the investigation was conducted, but refused.

Moving on to the more rabid, settlers publication Arutz Sheva, we have one Fundamentally Freund “Disregard for facts, context and history. The news today was simply breathtaking. A United Nations war-crimes investigation into Israel’s counter-terror campaign in Gaza late last year concluded that “Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity.” Within six months, the matter may be referred to the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

And so, with due disregard for the facts on the ground, the context, or the history of the Middle East conflict, a UN lynch mob has grabbed the Jewish state by the throat and laid the groundwork for tossing her into the very special dock reserved for the likes of Adolf Hitler, Slobodan Milosevic and various other modern-day vampires…” Gee Snr Freund, it’s reserved for UN Member states and their representatives only, who commit a war crime. Your diatribe is fundamentally flawed. However it’s interesting to see where Snr Freund aligns the accusations leveled at Israel. Also interesting to see he ignores the scope and mandate covering the investigation. At a guess he also ignores the FACT that Israel has been wiping the Palestinians off the map for 62 years


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