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September 15, 2009

Richard Goldstone’s investigation hits the headlines & Israel hits the panic button

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HUMAN RIGHTS IN PALESTINE AND OTHER OCCUPIED ARAB TERRITORIES – Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict

Expect a flood of Goldstone bashing like we’ve never seen….I wonder if he’ll be allowed into ye olde homeland ever again and if he is, whether he’ll make it out again.

Chunky report though, there’ll be some gnashing teeth to be sure. They’ve begun gnashing already Let the spin begin!!!
Doesn’t take long for some folk to start conflating…Condemning both is now ‘equating’

From HaaretzThe Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that Israel was “appalled and disappointed” by the damning report. “The UN body has dealt a huge blow to governments seeking to defend their citizens from terror,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor. In particular, said Palmor, the commission’s equation of Hamas to Israel in its 600 page report was “appalling and disappointing.”

The Israeli campaign is aimed at preventing a discussion on the report in the United Nations Security Council.
………“This is going to be a long legal and diplomatic operation,” said a senior Israel official familiar with the report. “We’ll get our friends across the world active, especially the United States, to prevent the isolation of Israel.”

Nothing to do with fearing a UNSC resolution I guess. The precious US veto vote is in Obama’s hot lil’ hand.

Palmor said the report’s conclusions were “so disconnected with realities on ground that one cannot but wonder on which planet was the Gaza Strip they visited.”

One can only wonder if Snr Palmor has EVER been to Gaza. This next bit draws a laugh.

Shalev, a professor of law, said that Israel was committed to international law.

No one has told her that there are 223 UNSC resolutions against Israel and although the US Veto Vote has prevented action being taken, the Law still stands and Israel is still in breach of it!

More laughs

The Foreign Ministry reiterated Shalev’s stance, saying: “Israel knew it could not cooperate with the committion, due to the one-sided mandate, which ignores the thousands of rockets Hamas fired at civilians in southern Israel – that which made the offensive on Gaza necessary.”

“Israel is completely committed to acting in accordance with international law and investigate every claim of misconduct perpetrated by its forces,” add the Foreign Ministry.

They’d be the rockets the report condemns and calls war crimes! I guess no one has told the Foreign Ministry either, about those 223 UNSC resolutions against Israel.

What a bun fight….


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