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September 14, 2009

Iran? Let’s do a comparison check…

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Netanyahu urges tougher Iran sanctions, but EU wants to wait (From Haaretz)

Iranian stance A senior Iranian official said Iran would not negotiate on its “sovereign right” to nuclear energy but, if that were recognized, Iran was ready to discuss any issue at the talks, including ways of upholding non-proliferation globally.

Israeli stance “I believe that now is the time to start harsh sanctions against Iran – if not now then when? These harsh sanctions can be effective,” Netanyahu was quoted by a parliamentary official as telling a legislative committee.

The EU A spokeswoman for European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana confirmed on Monday that he had talked to Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili by phone and they had agreed on a meeting on October 1.

The US U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu confirmed Monday in Vienna that his country would take part in the talks as well.

“This is an important first step in the discussion and one hopes for the best,” Chu told reporters on the sidelines of the IAEA General Conference.

Seems Israel is getting further and further out of step….Are we to just not believe anything the Iranians are saying? Their stance has been consistent since the suspicions of a Nuclear Weapons program were aired. They want to only pursue Nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. The body charged by the UN with confirming peaceful intentions, the IAEA, has found nothing to the contrary. The UNSC has passed no resolution directly against Iran, only sanctions designed to entice.

Iran is being subjected to the same rhetoric as Iraq was subjected to in the lead up to the Invasion of Iraq, begun by the same people. We’re being fed the same demonizing ‘Axis of Evil’ rhetoric. Were there WMDs in Iraq? Nope. Not one. Nothing.

We’re being told by Israel that the Iranian regime is belligerent, threatening. Yet when we do a comparison check…

Has Iran driven hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes then razed them? Refused to leave illegally acquired territory? Occupied a people for 42 years? Built illegal settlements on other folk’s territory? Locked millions of people behind illegitimately claimed borders preventing their escape from a war zone, then bombed the territory? Dropped phosphorus on heavily populated areas? REGULARLY closed the borders completely sealing off the territories of another people from the world? Used fletchettes in civilian areas? Dropped millions of faulty cluster bomblettes in civilian areas? Embargoed a neighbour preventing them from re-building what Iran had bombed, while it expanded illegal settlements? Refused RoR for refugees? Acquired nukes through deception? Built a separation barrier on other folk’s territories? Does it prevent people from getting to hospitals? Build checkpoints on other folk’s soil? Violated the airspace of it’s neighbours? Created sonic booms on it’s neighbours? Do they build settlements and let the sh*t flow out across other folks farms? Bulldozed other folks orchards, homes? Does Iran call armistice lines borders? Is the UN still calling for them to leave other folk’s territories after 42 years? Has Iran exceeded it’s borders? Does Iran have 223 UNSC resolutions against it? Does Iran completely control any one else’s borders, airspace and territorial waters?

Any of the above? No? There have been accusations aplenty, from supporting terrorism to a Nuclear Weapons program. Where have they all lead? No-where much. Just to more accusations, which of course aren’t proof.

The Western media frenzy surrounding the elections was interesting. Little of what I saw was peaceful protest, from the outset it seemed incredibly destructive. Harsh laws? Indeed, however States do have a duty to protect and maintain order according to their laws when folk’re burning the streets.


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